I’m big on multi-tasking. With a few rare exceptions— if something isn’t multifunctional, then it’s not functional enough in my head. My break time is also strictly family time, as well as art time and garden time. We’ve been enjoying our little art projects, especially the art we crate that can be used in our home and in our garden (see, theres that multifunctional thing). I know I keep saying it, but I’m happy Marlowe’s hit this crafting age— I’ve been waiting too long 😉 As if the mosaic stairs and the wall tiles weren’t enough, we’re also painting everything, all the time, to add more color to this space.

Jerry knocked down one of our tiny planters, so naturally it got put to use as a seashell wind chime.

The weather has been going in and out of nice days and unbearably heated days— but even with our heat rising and our veggies dying, we yard work on. I think we’re all looking forward to next winter already— when our yard will already have all the beds set up, the deck will be place, the hammock too, and our fire pit area will be ready and functional. Looking forward to that time next year— where it won’t have to be project after project, and we can just focus more on the actual growing and upkeep. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the projects— basically all of them, but better than doing the project, is having it complete and beautiful.

We’re moving south in our yard. With the exception of a few places and ideas (the wall to the right, the pizza oven, and whatever else), the space directly outside our house is finished with the big stuff. The other side of our house is basically an alley— a storing space for lumber and my tricycle. And the south? We’re still working. Alex put up one more garden bed— though I believe he has plans for one more. Our deck is up, the picnic table is outside, the fruit trees are in the land, and we’re ready to plan the next step. I’m ready for cooler carefree days, outdoor garden parties, and laughing with friends with a cocktail in hand.


  1. the mosaic stairs are just gorgeous! I want to make those! And I feel ya on the multi-tasking…one good thing about having a blog means that everything I do is "potential content" which means I am doing two things at once!

  2. Gorgeous back yard! I love the succulents! I am trying to figure out how to maximize my gardening when all I have is a tiny apartment balcony and 100+ degree days!


  3. I have serious backyard envy! Are you planning to stain/paint the deck or picnic table? I am so not looking forward to the summer heat.. you are lucky to have that covered space!

    • The deck– we should have by now. The table– maybe paint. We probably should have now with that too. haha. #toobusy

  4. Your backyard is beautiful. I'm pretty confused by it at the moment, I didn't know that there was more space in it to fill haha I feel like it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Did you buy more land or was it just unusable before? Good luck!

    • still the same space. We just never had any reason to step to the side. it was so useless haha.

    • yessss. Alex doesn't know this, but I think his fathers day gift is going to be "here, go get the supplies you need. build your oven, man" 🙂