little helper

grateful for them

a nice morning surprise of light and flowers

is it wrong that sometimes I just leave gobs of sunscreen slathered all over her because I think it’s just freaking adorable?

music listening.

Also, I tried to have fun by making her a completely white colored meal of rice, tofu, and cauliflower leftovers but she was not amused or impressed.

morning time.

his face. space man. coconut.

pillow fights.

half tempted to start a series called “she likes it!” in order to share marlowe’s expressions and excitement after I cook.
It’s just awesome.

trudy dooty in marlowe’s old playpen.

snail on snail. I was more amused than I’d like to admit.

rainbow art sessions. all day.


  1. Oh you just reminded me how much I wanna make empanadas! Those look delicious. Also, love the half-hearted idea for a "she likes it" series. 🙂

  2. Love all of your posts! Such wonderful inspiration. What are you growing in your garden now? What seems to grow well for you guys? My husband and I recently made three garden beds (inspiration from your garden)!

  3. It's so neat that you capture these little moments and will always have them to look back on. I definitely with I had done this over the past few years! Love these posts 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  4. jerry's like, "i'll just sit on my pillow, thanks."