Answers to the survey. (Thanks!)

No, I’m kidding. I wasn’t sure what to expect for most of the questions. I knew for sure, that 9 out of 10 people would say pictures of recently enjoyed things is their favorite feature or topic. But otherwise, I was like “well, let’s see how this goes”. I think it went pretty well. I love the responses I got back, and giggled at much of it. I don’t think there were enough puns or references to pizza, but all in all, I’d say I learned a lot and very much enjoyed it! I’m happy I finally got my act together and set up a survey. It was fun and enlightening. I’m happy a decent amount of you guys deciding to join in! Thanks for that!
I really had no idea how many people would actually take a survey— it’s not like you get a prize at the end or even a high five. I didn’t know if I should expect 5 people or 5,000. —–There were just under 2,000, not too bad—- so for references, when I say 75% you know I mean, 1,500 people not 3 people. Cool? Also, I should add, I edited the survey a few hours in, after about 400 people or so had already taken it—- I didn’t take anything out, I just added another two questions or so— so there might a chance you might be like “what the hell is she talking about?” for one or two of these answers in this post. That’s my fault. I’m crazy, you’re not.
How Long Have You Been A Reader? 
Most of you guys said you love me long time. Which is surprising and not. On one hand, I know readership has only grown and there’s new people popping in all the time—- so I thought the number of newer people might be larger. But then, on the other hand, I think we can assume that the people who have been here the longest are more likely going to fill out a(n albeit ridiculous) survey. To the 60-ish percent that have been here forever, thanks guys. I love you long time too. Seriously.  7.3% of you said you were brand-spanking new here. Hey guys, whats up! I love all of you equally. You’re all my favorite. Don’t worry middle child, I love you too. 
How did you find ohdeardrea?
A good 24% of you said you don’t remember how you found me. It’s okay, I don’t remember how I found you either. Two people (just two— not to be confused with two percent of people) said my dad recommended them. My dad needs to be more on top of that, in my opinion. 12% of you said topbabyblogs—- which according to topbabyblogs, (I just checked, I’m still on there apparently) I like things organized and I still raise my baby alone. It’s been a while. 
What are your favorite series/types of posts on ohdeardrea?
It gets a bit tricky here, since you were able choose more than one option, but 80% of people said pictures of recently enjoyed things is their favorite—- which is a surprise to— no one? I mean, it’s my favorite too, I get it. It’s also one of the only things I still do regularly, not intentionally, just because of time. 300 of you guys actually chose the fashion option—- I think I’ll be disappointing you guys there. You guys don’t like south florida or guest posts. 
PS. Thats a really big bottle of wine up there. Do you see it? Is it distracting you too? I mean, I don’t want it, since it’s white wine, but man those cookies, they get you, don’t they? 
Do you like guest posts/contributing posts?
More than half of you said you skip over guest posts and contributing posts. I think we can agree that I should have asked this differently. Because a guest post is pretty different than a contributing post. Or is it? Do you think it is? I think it is. I don’t take in guest posts anymore— unless it’s for something I have planned, like if I were to elope and leave for a week somewhere. I felt like guest posts didn’t flow nicely into this blog. 
That being said, I do plan on adding more contributing posts. If I was smart, I would have done this  months ago instead of dead middle of cookbook writing— but you know me. I have a few things lined up, or at least one thing lined up (haha). So yes, contributing posts—- BUT all posts will be topics that I choose— because I love them and I think you’ll love them. I’ve been planning this for a while and it’s slowly coming together. I’m actually pretty pleased with the idea and I hope you guys end up liking it too. *Fingers crossed* Luckily I do know what you want to see more of—- because you confirmed it in the survey.
Do you like giveaways?
70% of you are too lazy to enter giveaways— but apparently not to lazy to fill out a survey.
ps. last day to enter the shoemint giveaway.
How often do you visit ohdeardrea?
1% of you have admitted to being stalkers. Creepy…… Do I look pretty?
Sponsored posts:
Is not a question. But oof I’m pleased with this one. This is maybe the only question that I was really clueless to what the response would be. I personally really enjoy sponsored posts— making them and looking at them—- but I’m weird. And I certainly don’t expect you guys to feel the same at all. Sponsored posts can be tricky, especially if I had to promote something I didn’t believe in, yuck. I think you guys know you can expect not to find a Target, Walmart, some sort of fast food sponsored post, etc. on here. I’ve been asked and I say no—- I don’t go to those places, it just doesn’t work! I think it goes without saying, I only choose things I support or love. Luckily this makes my everyday life and many of these sponsored type things blend perfectly together—- fun things, bright things, family things, whatever. It all flows together. And things like these wall tiles for instance— they’re not something I use regularly or something I’m going to be searching for— but they’re something that totally fit in my life— and add more color too 😉 Can’t get enough color. At this point, this place is my full time job. I get to make an income, pay some bills, some up money, and provide more for my family in general. I’m super grateful to do it through this space and have the opportunity to work with companies I like— that I would more than happily support anyway. To the 1% who don’t like them, sorry! I take them as they come, fitting them into the schedule— making sure to have a steady, non pushy flow. Hopefully you guys would agree (I think you do, judging by the survey), but I personally think I do a decent job at making these posts fit into this space without taking over this space. The cool thing is, I get a lot of opportunities sent my way and I pick what I want and what I don’t want— I’m discovering a lot cool things too! And amazingly enough having fun creating posts about them. Really, I do— so it pleases me to know you guys are cool with these posts too. 
What do you want to see more of?
This one was all pretty equal. It was one of those click all that apply questions— and the answers all rounded out about the same. The top three, with more than 50% of the votes were recipes, natural living, and home design. All, which I very very very much want to do more of. I think in general, the reason why I don’t share more, is because I don’t think to share more of it. It’s all just part of my life, very second nature— and I don’t ever really step back to think “oh this might be something to talk about!” But I after I posted my “how to have a good life post”,  I realized, oh maybe people do want more day to day second nature things. My next biggest problem has been time—  I’ve been working hard on putting all the recipes together on the book that I don’t have a lot of time for the extra stuff that might require more thinking. I mean, I do and I don’t. I’ve been doing a few more garden and kid projects— because it’s my family and Marlowe time. But most of the other stuff, like natural living body things or whatever, that’s me time— which I’ve given up through this cookbook thing. Luckily, I have a few plans to change this coming soon. And home design, it never stops. We’re always working on this house and as soon as this book is done, I can do more of actually showing that 🙂 I am curious to know if you guys would like to see more home design in general, seeing some of my favorite other places, or if you just want to see my process through my own home—- learning out how my design mind works. 
38% of you said posts by Alex. Thats a much bigger number than I expected! He’s been working on a few garden projects that I have nothing to do with— that I’m hoping to be more part of, or at least photograph and share, come winter. My hair seems to be all the rage on instagram these days. I added this option later, but 23% of you want to see more of my hair—- I have enough to share with the entire world, so thats cool. Send me your mailing address for a sample.
In the meantime you can scroll back through these: natural living garden posts / home tours
What kind of recipes are you most excited for in book? 
This one threw me off a bit. Most of you guys want quick meals and one pot meals— which I figured, who doesn’t want something fast with easy clean up? I have a lot of those. There’s a good mix of longer taking recipes in the book— but about 80% of recipes have the ease and cleanup as a priority.
More than half of you also clicked healthy meals. I mean, okay, no one is going to be like “yes, give me unhealthy meals to feed myself and my family!” but I didn’t expect so many people to click that healthy option. In general, plant-based eating is pretty healthy— I mean, there’s no cholesterol, there’s lots of fiber, blah blah, you know! It can be as good or as bad for you as you want– like anything else. There’s a good mix of healthy meals, but after the survey, I have added a handful more salads and other healthy things. Other than the desserts, I think theres only one or two meals, that I’m like “omg, need nap” after. There’s a good variety. I think and hope you guys will be pleased! 
Are you vegan?
Just under 50% of you think cows are delicious. And less than 10% said you were vegan. Not a huge surprise here. Yeah, I’m vegan, but I mean, I myself won’t even go to vegan restaurants. Unless you’re reading the title of a recipe or you find my vegan section, there’s not a lot of talk on it. 
What is your favorite meal of the day?
Less than 20% of you said french fries. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? 
On a positive note, most of you said dinner. Me too.
Would you suggest ohdeardrea to a friend?
83 people (not to be confused with 80%) have decided that I am guilty pleasure. There are lots of amazing guilty pleasures in life. Pizza in bed, teen mom, glitter hot pants—- I think we all love a good guilty pleasure 😉 More than 80% (not to be confused with 80 people) said you would suggest ohdeardrea. Thanks, I’d suggest you too! I’d also suggest eating pizza in bed, while wearing glitter hot shorts and watching teen mom. Really, try it. 
Also, according to my comments, you guys really enjoyed my survey. Thanks for taking it guys! I’m pleased with the results and I hope you guys are all pleased with what you find here. Maybe not every day (though that would be magic), but most days. Thanks for coming here. Thanks for being part of this space. Thanks for recommending this space. Thanks for helping out my family. Thanks for being really awesome. Seriously. I’m always blown away by how nice you guys are— everywhere in this only space, but some of your personal emails actually make me tear up! Oof. It could be the choir music in the background that somehow was perfectly timed with my closing thank you’s on this post, but I’m emotional. (yes, choir music. we’re on on a bluegrass kick. it makes for an interesting monday morning. try it out!). I love you more than pizza.
*all someecard images are from someecards. duh. find some of my favorite on my pinterest. top image by: hannah mayo.  


    • I wouldn't and I don't. Thats what it says on topbabyblogs, since I haven't looked at it in over a year +.

    • Oh okay! I misunderstood. "12% of you said topbabyblogs—- which according to topbabyblogs, (I just checked, I'm still on there apparently) I like things organized and I still raise my baby alone. It's been a while. " I thought you were updating what it said or something. Sorry about that. I love your blog. I'm pretty sure I found you on there years ago.

  1. "yes I want unhealthy recipes to feed myself and my family!" I almost died reading that. And I totally filled out the survey and never enter the giveaways…weird.

  2. I missed out on the survey cos I'm just getting caught up on older posts. Just to add to your 10%, I'm vegan (with 2 vegan kiddies, one of whom is so staunch in his animal free diet), though I've struggled with it over the years at times and I would have definitely mentioned pizza! I've been making cashew cheeze for ours lately and with homemade bases it's become a friday night fave around here. Keep doing you, drea! I love your colourful, creative space and can't wait for the book! (Please have it shipped internationally, please)

  3. ^^^ Do you have an Aloo Gobi post I've never seen?? And Alex really needs to do a Pad Thai post! (Apparently I really like Asian food)

    • hahaha. there's one in the cleanse— it's a healthier version of what I typically make at home 🙂 There will be an updated version in the cookbook 🙂

  4. Loved the recap, also I loved taking the survey because it was short and fun and that was a refreshing surprise!

  5. One more vegan to the mix. I stumbled across your blog shortly before I became vegan 2.5 years ago. Your recipes were a lot of my first vegan meals. You inspired me to make Aloo Gobi without having ever had Indian food before; it kind of became my favorite type of food. Can't wait for your cookbook!

  6. i found you recently (via design sponge). new follower! and i what made me click over was the veganism factor. i didn't take the survey, but just thought i'd share 🙂

  7. I have to be honest, I was kind of on the fence about the whole "take the jump and go vegan" thing (I've been a pescatarian, but have been wanting to fully commit!) and then I discovered your blog. Day 4! Woo! It finally gave me the courage I needed to do it, and I thank you for that 🙂

    Yes to more posts of all kinds! Yes to Recently Enjoyed Things! Yes to French Fries! lol and personally, I'm a fan of your posts where you openly admit to rambling (yes to more of those!)

    You're just an all-around awesome blogger 🙂
    ~ Samantha

    • Haha! MY brother made the same comment— he's like "so my chances are pretty good!"

  8. I think that's the most entertaining survey recap I've ever seen! Super funny. Also, french friiiiiiiiiies.