Well, mostly, but not always tired. I think it just depends on the day. I’ll admit, some days I lay my head down on the arm of the couch and find myself woken up 20 minutes later to a coffee or a mango. And sometimes it’s Alex who strolls in with a tired, puffy face after waking up from a twenty minute accidental nap in Marlowe’s bed— we take turns for these tired days. 
Though now, compared to long before, it’s typically me— the one thats over worked and under slept. It’s all self-induced of course, so I’m not at all complaining. I enjoy an overworked and over stimulated feeling a lot of the time. It puts me at ease when I finally do choose to relax. Even Marlowe has been sleeping less these days— and we’re not really sure why. Maybe it’s the brownies we spiked with espresso, or maybe it’s just the mood the house: a go go go. We all have big plans and dreams (even Marlowe) and we all want to get things done— A LOT done, as much as we can! Outside, inside, over there, everywhere. If it were up to Alex, he’d have more time and move room and we’ve have our own mango and passionfruit farm, but that’s another story. We all understand that the overtired days are not without reason and not forever lasting. 
It’s funny when I start these posts— I think about other posts that might be relevant or similar. These series of photos, the time of day, the over-tired need for a break—- it reminded me of a we’re tired post I did a while ago. When I found this older post, I was surprised to find that my original post dates back to 2011. That seems like forever ago now. After getting back together, before splitting up again, and absolutely before finding a common ground and making it work again finally—– Almost three years later and life is so different. So the same, but so different. 
We’re tired, but its a good tired. Yes, there are days where I just want to collapse and I’m crying salty tears into the plate in front of me, but for the most part, this tired, it’s good. This year, three years later, it’s me stepping more outside of family care mode. I mean, obviously, you can tell from my 24 hour photo post, my family mode never, ever stops, not for a second—-I’m in it twenty four seven, but now there’s a huge secondary focus else where. Alex has now been able to step more into the home role, while I’m in the work role these days. After many struggles with this, this is an over-tired win for both of of us. It’s summer anyway, we’re in off season, he’s in off season, but it’s nice to know he can do more at home while I do more— well, at home too, haha. For the most part, we’ve found a good balance. This time, he’s the one asking me for a minute of my time and I’m the one promising over and over it will come soon. It will. Time is winding down. I’m working long days, but the saving grace (the biggest one of many) is that my family is along side me.
I had a comment this week from a reader who said she used to read this blog, but stopped because it all got a bit too “perfect” and “everything is awesome all the time.” I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take that. Confusion. Flattery. Maybe slightly amused. This blog has grown and changed as I’ve grown and changed. The tone and mood on the blog, it follows me and my life. And the stories follow too. There’s not a new filter— I doubt I could filter even if I tried (sorry mom). Nothing has changed it’s all  just grown with me. Three years after my original tired post, I think it is incredibly awesome to find my attitude, self, and family in this place—- a great and still going and growing place. Perfect? No, time, (over) work, and growth can do wonders on your attitude— and make hard times smaller too. 
These photos were taken at the end of a rainy and hard day. There’s been quite a few this month— and the rain has been almost constant. There may or may not have been tears this day, but I don’t remember at this point. Hours of failed work and we escaped for ice cream and an impromptu evening time stroll on the beach. I discovered a coconut —that is now growing in our yard. Marlowe discovered a rock collection. We all needed this mini break. It made a crummy day much better, almost perfect 😉

And the espresso brownies? Completely perfect.
Happy Wednesday, friends! I have a delicious and refreshing post lined up for tomorrow 🙂

*for my own gut &just to be clear: I in no way am bashing the person who left the comment. I actually enjoy the fact that she stopped reading when she had enough of what she didn’t like. I just found it to be a really amusing idea. also, if you ever want your car to smell like a permanent party, just accidentally lose a mango in there for a few days. Not too many days cause that would be gross— just a few. 


  1. I do so enjoy your blog Drea, and hearing the realities of life. So, so tired here too, but really, I wouldn't have it any other way. Up since 4.30 today, and I'm going on a coach trip to the seaside for the day with lots of 4, 5 and 6 year olds later. Life is good, no?

  2. One person's perfect life is another person's chaotic life is another person's boring life is another person's dream life, but in the end, it's just life. I love reading your blog, keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Drea, Ive been a reader for about two years now. I have noticed a huge transition in your posts, writings, and overall tone. The one word I would describe this change is… happy. I have cried through your posts of sorrows and hardships, laughed when you have times of love and success, and I can remember I had the biggest smile on my face when you and Alex decided to get married. I can understand why that reader would stop reading because your life has drastically changed over these past 3 years. However for me, I love your blog mainly for one reason; you give me such incredible hope, motivation and reassurance that no matter what life will throw at you, you can always come out on top glowing. Like you once were, I am going through that uncomfortable transitioning stage of moving forward in my next chapter of life, and trying to get over those hurdles. But when I read about how not only you overcame all of that but you are thriving!! Im glad you weren't disgruntled by that reader's comment, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with how incredible your hard work, dedication, and ambition has paid off. You are awesome Drea, blog on!!

    • this is a very sweet and honest comment Sarah and I agree. all the stuff you've been through, how honest you've been on the bad times.. yeah. rarely see that kind of writing on the interwebs. i find myself rereading your older posts and be somewhat fascinated by everything that happened in your life and how you handled it. your honesty & awesomeness are impressing. 🙂

  4. i had a giggle at the NO EVERYTHING sign at the beach. we pretty much do all of those things at our local.
    as for the person who decided your life was too perfect. that's her stuff not yours. you do you.
    (and you do it well might i add)
    big loves from new zealand my friend.
    i too get through my crazy busy life at the moment with accidental naps. they are the best kind. xxx

  5. That is good to read!
    PS: I must say, the mango and passion fruit farm thing does sound awesome, too 🙂

  6. I have been a reader of your blog for almost a year now and a few months ago I read your blog from start to finish. (it took 3 days!) I can't see how your life is too perfect. You seem, to me, to be very open in your posts. More than most bloggers. We all have good and bad days and I appreciate that you pretty much share it all. I mean, it's not like you have to. I just don't understand people. Just because maybe some things in your life finally fell perfectly into place doesn't mean everything is perfect!

    I say keep up the good work, like I'm sure you will!!

  7. This is what I love about being your 'stalker' haha 😉 You don't filter, you're honest, hard working, enjoying time and space, working even more and reaping the fruits of your choices, good or not so. It's a process, it's called life.

    I always looked at your blog as a story, a road to things unimaginable if you only are brave enough to let them happen. It's perfect? Great, let it be. Too perfect? It only means you're doing a great job in a space we only have access to for a while. All the best with everything Drea xxx


    • I don't expect readers to like everything I do. Just like I don't expect my real life friends and family to like everything I do. I think someone else said it, sometimes people expect too much. This isn't a magazine or a novel. Just real life 😉

  8. I don't have a filter either, haha! I think the trend now it to blogs that are "happy happy happy" all the time, but I appreciate your honesty. Sometimes life coasts alongs, others not. I think I'd love to make some espresso brownies today now that you mention it!

    • I'm working on filtering my potty mouth. All too often I start try ping and then go back and change "shit" to "stuff"—- baby steps. I think it all depends on the blog. I do feel like theres a trend of new blogs that are very— editorial? Is that the word? They're less personal, intentionally. Which is cool, I enjoy it, it's just a different style. I think I have a good mix of personal stuff (shit) and more "posed" diy type things. I've officially had waaaaay too much chocolate and sugar this week. I think I luckily only have one dessert recipe left though!

    • it's from my closet. Just kidding— it's the same outfit I wear practically everyday— not kidding. The top s either from gap or anthro. The shorts are american apparel. The necklace is azadouhi on etsy. And the shoes were left here for my sparkle party a year and a half ago, pretty sure my friend picked them up at target.

    • The shoes are definitely from target! I have the black ones but I've been kicking myself because I didn't get these!!!

      Too cute!!

  9. I love this. Life doesn't have to be perfect all the time to find plenty of perfect moments. Thanks for the perspective!

  10. Wow. What a silly reason to stop reading someone's blog. I love your blog. Keep being you. You're amazing!

  11. Love your shoessss. Honestly, that reader is expecting too much of you. I find that you have a very real and honest blog. You definitely talk about your hardships and any anxieties you're having. Clearly you are happier than you've ever been since you've started this blog so you have happier posts but that's a good thing!