I know I’ve mentioned it at some point before, but I have jewelry. Mostly of the handmade or incredibly sentimental kind. When my grandpa came to the United States he put down roots for us in a brick and mortar shop specializing in gold and silver. I remember visiting every summer and going through piles of “junk silver” and cases of ring molds for custom rings— always wanting to be able to one day design my own. As time went by, the jewelry part of the business ceased, but I’ve been able to hold on to a few pieces he made or purchased especially for my grandma. Throughout the years I’ve been lucky enough to not only collect pieces from my grandmother, but I’m grateful to receive my fair share of sentimental handmade pieces as gifts as well. I love bigger, handmade statement pieces on the day to day, but more than those, I love the more simple and meaningful pieces one gives or receives.
I’ve been lucky enough to team up with Gemvara to offer you guys a pretty amazing giveaway opportunity. And while jewelry may not be an everyday topic around here, beautiful, love filled jewelry means a lot to me. And even more so— to be able to choose to share the gift of creating something special for just my mother and I. We have very different taste when it comes to jewelry and style, but we both somehow, separately fell in love with a similar looking ring on Gemvara. As different as our styles are, we both always seem to fall back to black for (wearable) color choices. Also, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t really planned at all, but I was more than pleasantly surprised to see how perfectly the ring matched my wedding and engagement band 😉

We’re heading up to Massachusetts in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share our matching rings with my mother. I know it means a lot to me to be able to do this with her, and I’ll assume it means just as much for her 😉 We’re different in A LOT of ways, but I’m happy to share this with her.

one / two / three / four / five

Each piece from Gemvara is handcrafted right here in the United States. And there’s no inventory— which means that each piece you order is especially made for you. And everything is customizable. My favorites were all the yellow, black, and white tones, but there are over twenty different gemstones to choose from and over nine different types of precious metals. 
Want a discount? Receive 15% off any order for the next 72 hours simply by clicking THIS link! Hooray! 
*This post was sponsored by Gemvara. Gemvara offers 101 days for returns— even on engraved pieces! 


  1. Also, don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but those nails are amazing!

  2. Since having my daughter, I love making everything special. I've been wanting to get her birthstone on a ring for myself. I'm not a fan of green, but this is honestly the best I've ever seen Emerald look! I love this look for so many reasons; the combination of colors are gorgeous, I love it's simplicity, and I can stack my next two rings with my other children's birthstones…. In years to come 😉 Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! Xo Michelle


  3. Green amethyst! I've never seen that and I love it because it's my birthstone and I don't like the traditional purple stone. So excited!!!

  4. That was so much fun designing them! I have added 2 since I can't decide between the two. The one is my husbands, mine and my daughter's (10 months) birthstones in one ring, and the other is just my birthstone! The pieces are beautiful and whoever wins this is one lucky lady!



  5. This ring! I had a claddagh when I was younger, but it vanished over the yearshttp://www.gemvara.com/jewelry/petite-claddagh-ring/round-diamond-14k-white-gold-ring/kswjh

  6. So many beautiful pieces to choose from! I was excited to come across this ring:


    My dad gave a very similar ring to my mom when they were dating. Her ring features a center opal instead of a pearl, which has since cracked. I would love to have this ring in memory of my dad who passed when I was 5. Both mom and dad's birthdays are in November, so the citrine stones are special as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Holy toledo, what a giveaway! I think the abbey collection earrings are very pretty! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  8. The 'heartbeat' band at Gemvara happens to be shown with alternating stones that are my husband and my birthstones…so that one won me over. Have a great trip!

  9. I love the forget me knot ring in yellow gold and the round solitaire stackable also in yellow gold. These are lovely!