Our humble dining room. It’s not tremendously fancy, but we like our dining room of random collected things. 10 year old curtains, a hand me down buffet table, a “here, I don’t want this rug”, a diy coat rack, and pictures that have been sitting in our closets— well, for who knows how long. But either way, it works. It’s a bright, cheery, and clean space.

We’d love to see the popcorn ceiling removed and never in this home again— but I don’t know if you guys have ever had to deal with it— what a mess that would be. Ideally it’s something that would have happened before moving in, but when Marlowe and I moved in, I was in no position to handle such a big or expensive job— so it stayed. And now it seems like more work than it’s worth. Maybe one day, maybe not 😉

yellow/green rug
blue runner
table: custom built
buffet table: hand me down
curtains (10 dollars! 10 years ago)
blue/green chairs: local mexican import shop
bench and wood chairs: ikea
fabrics: thrifted except pom pom tablecloth and embroidered one is from mexico
table runner: gift from cuba
salt and pepper mill: gift (similar)
bunny on table (in first photo– it’s on clearance. I just bought it for myself as a “hey you deserve a cookie {jar}”– also sale things are an additional 20% off this week, what a “try not to buy useless things” party it has been)
coat rack: alex made
bench under coat rack: from a local salvaged wood store.

If I didn’t list something you want to know about, just ask!

all vertical photos by: hannah mayo photography.

And before, of course:

So pretty….. ha.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We had a successful and mostly rain free party. Apocalyptic clouds the whole time— but no rain! Hoooray! Can wait to share it with you! As well as another fun natural living post! 


  1. We have benches at our dining table and I love that guests have to work together to get in and out of the table! It's always a conversation starter!

  2. You've made it a really lovely colourful and lively space. Beautifully done Drea. CJ xx

  3. It is so amazing to me how much potential you saw in the space, and how lovely you've made it! We've just moved into our first home, and I wish you would come help me envision such lovely, bright spaces for it 🙂 It isn't the style I was expecting at all! Love your home tours.

  4. Do you often brush up against that plant when entering through the front door? I feel like that'd be such a happy little quark! Bright natural light and lots of color. My kind of place!

    • haha no! I do maybe once a month when I open up the blinds and theres always water drops on the tip of the leaves that startle me though, haha!

  5. your home is so colourful and fun, plus I love all the little details in it. It's nice to see a home that isn't beige and looks like it came strait out of big box store display 🙂 Keep these home tour posts coming!!

    Emmett – Hippie Lace

  6. Your dining room is fantastic. I really like its aesthetics, its beautiful and very inviting. How long did it take you to get to where it is now?

    • this room has been very slow. It looked so boring and plain until one day I decided to tack up all those prints!

  7. I love your dining room Drea! It's so beautiful and very "you." I know you had a post somewhere about buying artwork (I LOVE all the artwork on your walls!) but when I started clicking back through the archives I couldn't remember when exactly it was posted. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    • Hmmm. I've done a few sponsored post for print companies and one for an artwork company— is that what you mean? I'm not sure which post you mean, but I'm happy to help! Do you remember more about it?

  8. We've got one of those popcorn ceilings in my parents' house. You just kinda learn to embrace it! Personally I always imagined what it would be like to have a popcorn floor (ouch), or when I was really little, I pretended to see little people trying to climb the "mountains". You definitely don't get that with a regular ceiling 😉
    ~ Samantha

  9. Love it!! I love how real it feels and that I could reasonably achieve something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Love it! SO bright and cheerful. =) You could possibly just attach beadboard to the ceiling, right over the popcorn. I've seen it done before and it's gorgeous, and much easier than scraping popcorn ceilings!