So the day after Lauren and JJ’s wedding we woke up— surprisingly not hungover at all. Yes, it was a christmas miracle. I then turned my photo room into a guest room. You know, one of my favorite things even from the youngest age has been room transformations. I grew up addicted to home design shows and runway/fashion shows. I also was up at three in the morning reorganizing my drawers– but thats another story. So Basically, I gathered all the extra pieces from around our home and pulled a guest room out of my butt. It worked pretty well, I mean, I was impressed with myself! I mean, the room is nothing to write home about— but since I did pull it together in about an hour, I think it’s pretty note (blog) worthy 😉 And I do plan on changing this space again in the next few weeks. I feel like this space has transformed over and over again, (from a craft room— still used at this when there’s time— to a photo room), but I’ve never invested anything into it other than time, elbow grease, and paint. I did make a whopping 90$ pull out couch purchase this week though— so now our future guests will have a bed and not an air mattress. Hooray! I’m a bit overwhelmed right now, but I am looking forward to transforming it into a more cozy and useable space— for sometimes guests and daily work. Comfortable, beautiful (white or brown) computer desk chair recommendations HIGHLY appreciated (reasonably priced too, please and thanks). 

Anyway, I digressed— our visitors Nicolle, Brian, and Audrey came and we couldn’t be more excited. I’ve met a good amount of people through this blog, but they are by far some of the kindest people I’ve EVER met— on the blog and in real life. I’m seriously grateful for these people and I will spend the rest of my life trying to convince them to move to Florida. 
We got to spend three wonderful days with these wonderful people. We spent the first day at the house, just hanging out and having fun dan time.  And the next two we road tripped down to Miami for a mini stay-cation vacation. I opted for an airbnb rental again— knowing that we’d be stuck inside once the girls went to sleep. It worked out perfectly having two rooms and a living room for the 6 of us. There were cupcakes, ice-cream, noodles, pool bbq’s, more friends, and everything anyone could want in a two day summer vacation—  oh and coconuts— cause San Jose doesn’t have those. 

audrey meets marlowe’s love: coconuts. 

admittedly, one of my favorite parts of vacation is his facial hair. 

Travel has been calling me extra hard lately and while we do have a few upcoming trips planned— this short visit and adventure makes me want another California vacation. Hopefully next year, if not sooner! Please, oh please come back soon Nicolle &fam.

See Nicolle blog HERE


  1. That looks like a lovely visit! And those tiled floors are so bright and cheerful!

  2. That first photo is like a colorful explosion of happiness! Love it and all the other ones as well.

  3. Looks like you're all having a really lovely summer. I love the picture of the two little people walking along holding hands – so sweet. CJ xx

  4. Aww, the little girls holding hands <3 So adorable.

    Looks like an incredible staycation! Having guests can sometimes be stressful, but it looks like you guys had a fantastic time. (I'm kind of introverted, so maybe it's just stressful for me, haha)


  5. It looks like you had such a great time! Marlowe is such a cutie – she and her friend holding hands is just adorable!
    ~ Samantha

  6. Alex's face on the dinosaur…I nearly laugh-spat coffee on my laptop, men have way more fun at playgrounds than they'll ever admit! The colour in your pics will forever make me wish for more than green fields (Ireland is pretty heavy on the green), nice to see you taking time out to chill your beans, you're one busy lady!

  7. I love how you re-placed your workspace in your new guest room! I'm so jealous, because I'm a complete mess and I have craft stuff, photo stuff and jewelery stuff running free around my living room…
    Marlowe with her headband… woow, she's the cutest! I see a lot of you but also a lot of Alex in her 🙂

  8. Looks like a lovely time! It makes me swoon for another Florida vacation. (also, it makes me want a floral couch. mine is solid teal at the moment.) 🙂