If you’ve been counting, this is officially Marlowe’s one millionth room tour. Maybe more. (You can see her last one HERE) I can’t help it. I mean, the other rooms don’t need change— so it happens elsewhere in the house a bit slower. But she’s a growing kiddo and after we went from crib, to toddler bed, to real bed, well, some things needed to move around too! We haven’t made any huge changes to this space— but the details have made a big improvement! From little things like new, not broken blinds to bigger things, like changing her thrifted rug to a nice pink rug (that she finally loves– she fought me for months before she let me put it in her room!). You know, I go back and forth about it, but I think Marlowe’s room is my favorite room of the house— when it’s picked up anyway 🙂 It’s absolutely packed with things, but it somehow stays pulled together. And it has really beautiful things in it, but t doesn’t feel stuffy, it still feels like (and very much is) a kids room.

We added the drums because once we added the bed we knew we needed a night table but we didn’t want to spend the money or time going out to get one. Welp, Alex the drummer man, thought of the brilliant (and perfect) idea of adding a set of his old drums to her space. We added more baskets for all the blocks and legos. And we moved around the furniture so it could actually fit in the space. It’s bright, it’s airy, and in the mornings you can find me asleep in here myself. It’s just so cozy and bright. Thinking ahead to the teenage years scares the crap out of me, but here now, in this cozy little toddler space— it’s perfect.
details: rug, baskets: home goods, dresser: found on side of road and given a paint facelift by moi, salt lamp, toy shelves, red pianopink pedal car, you are my favorite print (clearance), elephant print, our love will never fade print, curtains over window and closet door: from local import store, white lace curtains: thrifted, wooden kitchen, bedspread: land of nod, lion pillow, tassels: from my sparkle party, hanging dress: mexico. 
If I forgot anything that you’re curious about, please ask! 
ps. that’s the same tutu! It keeps growing with her! She’s been wearing it for (over?!) a year now! 


  1. Would you mind sharing the paint color that is on the bottom half of the wall? It is so lovely, and I've tracked your blog down from a Pinterest photo I'd saved ages ago, through your tour on Design Sponge, and finally here! It's the perfect not dark, not baby blue, and I'd love to use it in my kids shared (boy/girl) room, with gold star decals! Your home is absolutely lovely; thank you for sharing it.

  2. Wouldn't mind having that room for myself even though I am a little old for it! Haha. Lovely room and love the colors combination, the drums idea and the dress hanging…sweet!

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  3. You have a gift for putting together colorful pattern and texture girlfriend. This is a magical little space!

  4. In your free time, offer consultations on room decor pls! My toddler's room could really use a facelift…..maybe she would even start sleeping in it! I'm so not good at room decor.

  5. That is such an awesome, colourful room! I wish mine looked like that! 🙂

  6. YOU HAVE THE GREATEST WINDOW VALANCES. It is not fair, I never ever see any that I like but here I am loving both her closet one and the one above your bed. I know you said some person that lives near you makes them or something and I want to travel right on down and buy them for every room in my house! Also, loving her rug. I like how you decorate her room also with her toys, that's what I'm trying to do while re-decorating my daughter's room. SHe has so many toys and less places to store them so I've started using toys as decorations too!

  7. Can you come design my house? I love this room and every other one in your house – you're grand!

  8. Okay. So. A BILLION things. Like, ALL of the things.

    This room is fantastic! The wall colors. That elephant print. The dreamcatcher and drum kit nightstand and tassel garland. #SWOON

    We recently traded in the girls' bunk beds for a DIY no-sew teepee (they NEVER slept in their beds, opting to have sleepovers together on the floor each night instead) and I'm in the process of slowly swapping out the rest of the room. So. Much. Inspiration. Here.

  9. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE her room!
    Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like a kid waking up to a beautiful spring/summer day wanting to sit and play with every single toy in the room, forever!
    Her room is one that I honestly love so much!
    Lol it reminds me of one that is in a room make over magazine.
    A dream come true to adventurous girls! (:

  10. It's such a lovely room, she's a lucky little girl. And I really love the idea of using the drums as a night table, they're perfect. CJ xx