As you guys have heard a million times in the past week or two, it’s been raining raining over here. Think: the apocalypse outside. No really, it’s been pretty bad some days. I was up in Rhode Island— or maybe in Arizona, when the one year that hurricane after hurricane rolled into south florida. So other than the time I was 10 years old and a hurricane almost passed by west palm beach, I haven’t been around that much here in south florida. Some flooding and day long power outages, yes, but nothing like my family that have been left without power for weeks on end! We’ve had our power flicker on and off at least once or twice each day, and just about every garden pot (even the bigger ones) have been swooshed down this week— and hail?! I’ve even seen hail for the first time in south florida this month! It’s been a bit of a crazy month— and I don’t think hurricane season even officially starts until August. 
This is summer for us. Rain (and mangoes). And like last summer (and every south florida summer), there is a tremendous amount of indoor time. It’s our hibernation, if you will 😉  On the up side— other than a few plants being drowned or knocked down, the rest have been loving, loving all this rain. It feels extra green back there. Our small summer garden isn’t doing half bad. And we’re all super excited to see what fall and winter will bring now that (almost) everything is finally set up! Hopefully this winter will bring little to no trips to the grocery store 😉 I’m really hoping we can get away with a monthly trip for grains and dried goods— and that’ll be it. Fingers crossed.

I’m writing this on a thursday night and crossing extra toes for tomorrow’s weather. I’l be making delicious cocktails poolside tomorrow and thinking it might be really nice to do that in some sunshine and not hail 😉  That past two days have been mostly dry so it’s looking pretty good! And don’t forget you can follow me on @smirnoffus tomorrow if you want to see photos and our party. I’ll be posting them all day long 🙂

Happy fourth of July, American friends! 


  1. Did y'all build the raised area for your picnic table and hammock? I'm interested in doing this in my own yard.

  2. Gorgeous garden! You've given me so much inspiration with these gardening posts – one day, when I'm out of the dorms! Can't wait! 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  3. I hope for you that you won't get too many bad bad storms and definitely not anymore hurricane weather this year!!! Your garden looks great though!!

  4. Oh man, so the rumors are true and it does rain as much as people say. I've been planning my move to Florida and I still haven't decided which part yet. Is it just southern Florida that rains like the entire summer or all over the state? Hmmmm Still worth it to avoid snow storms all winter long! Your garden is so cute when it's raining!

    • mostly southern— we're in the sub tropics. This summer has been harder than usual. It usually just rains for a quick minute and leaves– this summer has been never-ending.