(she’s) learning to build drums.

look I got dressed before 9 am. // I got dressed in a sheer-ish club shirt before 9 am //  #closeenough

fruit on fruit.

“take a picture of me holding this unicorn”

rain. lots of it.

so rare.

ice cream dates.

a collection.

we all seem to need a break.

clean bedroom.

cool outfit, kid.


jungle madness.


  1. The photo of Marlowe sleeping is lovely, maybe one of the most beautiful photos of a child I have ever seen. Bravo for capturing that moment

  2. Love all of your photos. Your little one is adorable! I love sleeping photos. I always try to sneak a couple of my daughter but she's a very light sleeper so I have to be super quiet. haha

  3. I love these posts.Glimpses into other people's lives are weirdly awesome. I can't get enough.

  4. Wow, it looks like you lead such a charmed life. I wish I was good about taking photos of the little things like you are. I particularly love the one of your daughter asleep in the white sheets.


  5. Wonderful, wonderful photos. I especially like the jungle and the binoculars. And I REALLY wish I could spend the day in a tutu dress. How lovely that would be. CJ xx