So! As you guys know, I teamed up with Smirnoff to throw a fourth july party again this year! Despite the forecast calling for rain, I’m excited. We had a rain last year— just as everyone was showing up— but then it cleared up and we all had a great day (and night!) once the storm passed. I think we’re about 70% chance of rain for this friday— but I’m crossing fingers (lots of them) for the same luck we had last year. 
I think I mentioned it before (maybe at my house warming party?), but I never really liked throwing parties before. I always left when my roommates had them in college— but now? I do really enjoy them. They don’t have to be complicated or very much work at all. A few hours of prep, some drinks, snacks, an awesome outfit, amazing friends, and tada you have a great day ahead. And when you have sweet friends and family to help you prep? Even better. So, in case you guys are throwing parties of your own—- now or next year, here’s a bit of a ’round up’, if you will, of my favorite things that made our party last year extra special. It’s in the details, isn’t it?

Breakfast first! Or lunch– because let’s be honest here, coffee is breakfast. You have to get in that patriotic party spirit— am I right? I am right. There’s nothing better than toast— toast patriotically  dressed? A great party snack for friends to ‘ooh and aaaah’ at. 

Ask your friends to dress up. Silly maybe, but it totally adds to the mood. Themes are fun and red white and blue is pretty open ended— so it lets everyone get involved. Some friends will be outright ridiculous and wear capes— and some will show up simply glowing 😉 Depends on your friends of course— I’ve got a good mix of them 😉 You’re a babe, Jess.

The easiest photo up backdrop in the world– took me about 15 minutes of actual work time, maybe. Just tie-dye an old sheet! There was no technique— just a bucket of water, some elastics, and some red and blue squirt bottles. Boom, magic. Bonus points if you have friends with hair to match. 

Adult popsicles— simply mix 3 parts juice to 1 part smirnoff ice (any flavor), add fruit, freeze. 

It’s all in the details—- patriotic fingers, check. 
Also, real story: Hard to tell, but Laura is holding the Smirnoff Ice peach bellini flavor. All my friends gave me a serious side eye when they found these in the cooler— but after they tried them, people were mad that I didn’t bring more! They were surprisingly delicious! Note to self: need more this year. 

Make fun fruit juice and coconut water ice-cubes for your cocktails or to serve in a pitcher to fancy up your drinks for your guests.

I think this is a pretty good fourth of july guide combined into one photo. 

And this—- because it’s still my favorite. The watermelon?

For even more tips, you can see last year’s party: HERE.
And you can find three really, really delicious cocktails: HERE.

Happy tuesday, friends! I’ll be type typing away at my manuscript today! And tonight: pizza! I’m testing out some recipes on friends. Cannot wait— it’s already a good week.

Smirnoff ice celebrates the absurdly awesome. 


  1. You were right about your posts; I don't mind the sponsored ones at all because instead of making the post all cheesy about whatever product / brand, you just write a post like you normally would and just highlight it as an awesome part of it. So chill.