I’m feeling a lot better since my last cookbook post. Still nervous, sure. But better. There’s less than a month left until my entire manuscript is due—- and writing that idea now—- well, that made me feel slightly queazy again, haha. There’s still a lot of recipes to do and re-do. And the actual writing, the words for it all, well— I’ve just started. I think I went in with a bang, and then I over-caffienated myself into a coma and stopped. I’m still nervous about a lot of the photos and other details, but I think overall I can feel it coming together more— the story of it. Yes, it’s a cookbook, first. Mostly, completely a cookbook, but I want to tell a story in it. Not a memoir by any means—- I don’t think the world needs that. There’s enough babble in this blog for all of us— but a story of my love for food, our love for food, and more. Even though the book isn’t a kids book or geared to kids (with the exception of a few “your kids will love this recipe!”, I do want an entire section/chapter/whatever on feeding kids— tips, tricks, whatever. I mean, there’s a million ways to go about it, and I don’t believe that any way is more right than the other— but I do want to share what I know and our path to having a pretty decent little eater. She won’t eat everything, but she’s doing a hell of a lot better than I did for most of my life. It’s been fun to create a few meals with kids in mind, but for adults to love— while most of the meals are for adults to love, with kids in mind. That makes sense, right?
You guys saw in my picture an hour post, that our days are pretty packed around here. They’re beginning to shift now— from most of my hours in the kitchen to half my hours in the kitchen and the other half typing away on the computer. I’m learning to pause more. To have fun elsewhere and the reel it back. Ideally, I’d have a machine plugged into my head that could transcribe my inner babbles into written words. I can never, ever type as quickly as my thoughts flow in and out— which is scary, knowing that my fingers type quickly. Not perfect typing, but very, very quick typing. I’m trying to catch up with those thoughts, you know. Hopefully by the time I actually hit publish on this post, the title will be picked out. We’re coming in closer to a decided title. Back and forth and yes and no’s. Good titles, yes— but many that could never work for me and my personality. I mean, how would one describe my personality, I’m not even sure, but that’s another story. I’ve loved the way Hannah’s photos turned out. It’s hard for me not to share them here. I’m hoping to make time for at least one more day with her— where she can turn the jumbled visions I have into real photographs. Only one more month left of cooking, writing, and photographing for my very first cookbook. Cheers to that. 


  1. Sounds like you're doing pretty good with the book. The photos up there are great, with the almonds and pecans. Yum! I hope you find a good title!

  2. Your cookbook is going to be incredible!! I can't wait to buy it 🙂 (Even if I'll only have access to a microwave at university in the fall…I'll make it work lol)
    ~ Samantha

  3. It's an exciting time, not long now! I'm glad it's going well, I'm sure it's going to be brilliant Drea. CJ xx

  4. I can't wait to buy your cookbook! I'm sure whatever you decide to do with it all, it will be wonderful and full of yummy recipes!!!

  5. i think you and Marlowe should work on a kids cookbook after this cookbook. that's what i think…
    and call it the color of food? hmmmmmm

  6. I love cookbooks that have writing in them. good luck on your manuscript! i can't wait to see the final product 🙂

  7. I absolutely love your blog, I was humming and hawing for months about starting my own but I kept losing the confidence, then I stumbled across yours, started reading from the beginning and felt so inspired! Thank you!

  8. That picture of Marlowe in the yellow dress is adorable! I cannot wait for your cookbook to come out! Good luck with the rest of the writing! -Madelyn

  9. It's so cool to see this "behind the scenes" version of what's gone into the process! I particularly love the photo of you standing outside above the picnic table. Best of luck!


  10. It must be hectic! I feel like writing a cookbook is probably harder than writing a novel, just because it's so much more than words going into it. Stay chill and I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly! 🙂