One of the absolute best things about our New England trip was making (one of) Marlowe’s dreams come true. It’s crazy, but the girl has been asking to see the statue of liberty since she could talk. I guess she saw it in a book, and it started: an instant new york/lady liberty obsession. Her other New York dreams? Go to New York alone, live in New York like a real fashion designer, and visit Mood– haha. For someone who stays away from fashion posts, it’s pretty amusing, huh? 🙂 Well, all those fashion-y dreams, they’ll have to wait— but for now, the girl is pretty freaking happy to have visited New York, “Lily from New York”, and see the statue of Liberty “from a boat, but not on the island.” (I love her).
So after our quick road trip to Vermont, Alex and I landed in our bed in Massachusetts, set an alarm, poured our coffee and were off the next morning—- with a toddler packed in the car to join us. We originally planned to take the train into the city (like I did last time), but at the last minute we opted for the car, which was so much better— and much easier (and cheaper) with the toddler. She didn’t seem to mind,  but was a bit confused with locations in general and asked if there would be a tv on the plane. Oh, M.

We showed up in New York and exchanged many hugs with my dear Emily and Marlowe’s long time (first?!) friend, Lily.

After a quick lunch we took the subway over to the natural history museum. I never minded subways before, I’ve always enjoyed them, despite how dirty they are— but this time it made me a bit anxious. Not super uncomfortably anxious by any means, but just more so than in the past. I really seem to settling into a quieter, more comfort wanting self. I’m learning to enjoy the ease of things— I think, I mean, that’s how it feels when I self evaluate anyway.
The museum was pretty awesome. We didn’t see all of it, or probably even half of it, but I could have spent hours upon hours in the south and central america section. Alex too. We’re both so in love with other cultures— but both of us always seemed pulled to southern hispanic traditions. Like the fact that there are still old Mayan cities currently being discovered?!? That’s so amazing to me. But ANYWAY! The museum was awesome. I would love 10 quiet uninterrupted hours in the place.

We took our toddler girls to central park to let out their crazies. I have a billion and a half blurry photos of these girls running back and forth. I’ve met up with Latonya before, two years ago, now? I think. (see HERE) But this was my first time (and Marlowe’s first time) meeting River and Oak. Yay River! I would have gladly kidnapped either River or Lily. Oak, still needs a bit of growing since– well, I scare babies and they scare me 😉 
I have two pictures of the group of us. This is the better one. #closeenough

That night we were off for a double date with these fancy people. This was in fact the first time we’ve ever left Marlowe alone with someone who wasn’t family or Emily. It went pretty well though! Marlowe surprisingly didn’t mind (she cried every time I tried to leave her for an hour in Massachusetts) and we have a great night out. A few cocktails and pizza (my forever favorite).


The next morning we walked over to the ferry—- and— boom—

the statue of liberty! Marlowe was exploding with happy. Teeny tiny little far away thing, but she didn’t mind. We’ll take her closer sooner or later.   

We then took the girls to the park. The mamas sat. The dads chased the girls. I bought cookies. And I was amused to find myself back in the place that always makes me think of alex— with alex. It’s a long story with years in between, but maybe some other time I can share the flashbacks 🙂 Afterwards we took the boat back, grabbed more pizza, and plopped back down in Emily’s apartment.

Cause New York is tiring.


We sat around relaxing hour legs and waiting for traffic to settle before juming back in the car to head north-east. It was a successful trip, the same, but different than my 12 hour trip without a toddler 🙂  We miss Emily & family. I miss (vegan) pizza everywhere. We’re happy to have made the trip and happy to be home 🙂 We like new york, but come back to Florida anytime, Em.
stay with friends. it’s cozy, sure, but cheaper and nice with kids.
east river ferry. it’s cheap, get’s you places, and it’s fun!
the statue of liberty!
central park
parks at dumbo
jane’s carousel (if it’s open, it’s closed on tuesdays)



  1. I love all of the photos and your "see/do/etc." sections at the end of these posts. I definitely want to visit New York one day! I think it's really neat that you're travelling with Marlowe so much – she's going to be able to look back on these days and have some incredibly awesome memories. You're such an awesome mama!
    PS I love the "We all flopped" pictures back at your friend's place – I so know that feeling after a busy trip!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Looks like a lovely trip, the museum sounds fantastic, I would love to spend a day getting lost in there! Beautiful pictures! 🙂