Even though this rain hasn’t been my favorite this summer, it has done a tremendous amount of good for our garden. July showers bring August flowers I suppose 😉  To be completely honest, I was very skeptical about all the planting Alex did this season— I *knew* for sure everything would die from heat. (I’m an optimist, I swear! But man, that sun is hot!). But with this ever going rain, the plants have had a real heat break and our green has been growing like crazy.

Truth be told, I’ve never been a huge lover of sunflowers. I’ve probably actually ranted the few times Alex gave them to me— since they were actually at the bottom of my flower loving list. But growing them in the yard has truly changed all that. We’re absolutely obsessed with them. And the fact that I can see them from the living room and Marlowe’s bedroom? Amazing. I hope we always grow these. Next time around, we’re hoping to harvest the seeds too.
along the exterior fence:
lime tree
currently in the beds:
okinawa spinach
sweet potato
in the side yard:
a few citrus trees
cuban oregano
and under the pergola?
well, a lot. thats been alex’s little green house/playhouse. He’s been taking seeds and trimmings and experimenting. We always have a bunch of things sprouting back there, but I’m mostly excited about the growing dragon fruit and mulberry tree.

We’re not expert gardeners over here— though by stepping back and seeing what we’ve done, it sometimes feels or seems like we are. We’ve each individually and together have been successful with different things. I feel like the garden trend has only been fishing over the last few years– it seems that way anyway. Trends can be whatever, but people want to grow more for their home? It’s always a good thing. I do hope that people can see what we do and be inspired to start growing their own goods. Even herbs— especially herbs.  With a bit of love I do think anyone could have garden— even a small and/or indoor one. Hell, even a chia pet 😉

I’m a bit nervous to see what our garden will look like when we return— it’s been wild out there— even with us here. With a four day break from people? Well, who knows. The upside though is we won’t have to ask our house-sitters to tend to the outside— these clouds can handle all the watering needs 😉
This post is short for sure, but I hope in the next few months as our list grows and changes– (and more importantly as time allows) I can share more of our garden and our growing adventure. This winter is going to be a good one, I can feel it.


  1. Wow, so many exotic things!! Please post more about the coconuts and passionfruit. Parchita is my favorite!!

  2. Too bad California is in a drought if we had more water I would love to have a huge garden. Your garden is gorgeous though.

  3. I love your mandala-style wall hangings in the last picture! Where did you find them??

  4. I love, love, love your garden updates. And I'm very envious of your citrus trees. We grew sunflowers this year, and they're something I've only recently liked as well. We've got the dark red/brown ones, and the bees love them. I've got a teeny tiny mulberry tree, new last year, I'm a patient gardener! CJ xx

  5. The garden is so pretty, and Marlowe is so cute! And I absolutely love her name!

  6. Your garden posts seriously make me so excited to graduate, get my own place, and have my own garden! Just over a year and then hopefully I'll be able to have as awesome of a space as this! I think you and Alex are prime examples of what "Green thumb"s can do!
    ~ Samantha

  7. Very inspiring – I'm trying to be better about keeping up with my garden this year and even making some outdoor improvements, too.

  8. i'm not sure how i found your blog but i'm in florida too! i love summer because it's when i plant and garden too. i used to have lemongrass, but lost it over winter. that might be one i'll have to go out and get, it had such a pleasant scent.

  9. Thanks for sharing, this is very inspiring!
    It's really fun to see what you're growing in your climate for me who's trying to grow stuff in Scandinavia. I'm looking forward for updates of your growing list.