I’ve had this post idea in my head for a while now– and the pictures in a folder for a while too– but I’m happy to finally be putting it together. I’ve already shared with you guys a bit of my favorite bath products and my favorite make-up (oh and toddler products too)— but the list has changed a bit from the older post. Believe it or much of it has gotten even simpler. I plan on doing a hair post in the near future— after trying a bunch of different hair products and even no-poo, I finally feel like I’ve conquered my hard water like a boss. But for now, check out some of my favorite products HERE and scroll down for the post!

Our ‘master’ bathroom, if you can call it that, is small. I can pretty much reach from one end or the other. But other than wishing I could lay in a magical tub to drink wine in, our bathroom does the job. We have a slim vanity near the door too (unseen), but thats mostly filled with towels, back up supplies of our favorite products (you have to stock up when they go on sale!), and things like sunscreen that we use often, but not everyday.


on the windowsill (left): 
a have a long row or essential oils. ideally, it’d be nice to store these away somewhere, but I grab them often, so they sit on the sill. I add some in my coconut oil to scent a moisturizer (for my face and some for my body), some for my headaches (which have gotten tremendously better by the way), some for homemade bug-spray, and some I like to use to splash a few drops in the shower— it gives my shower and extra boost 😉
essential oils in the shower:
for morning showers I like to add a bit of sweet orange and/or eucalyptus
for evening showers I like to use lavender
and for pms-y showers I like to use rose absolute (I really enjoy to add this to my face moisturizer too). The real stuff is pricey, but there is a blend option too. But know, I haven’t tried the blend though— so it may or may not be good!
on the windowsill (right):
vinegar! in a jar— with a cover on it (a cover is key– keeps the bugs away and prevents your bathroom from smelling like a salad).
vinegar as conditioner:
crazy, right? I’ll be talking a lot more about my hair routine later, but this is what I use for conditioner believe it or not. 1 part apple cider vinegar to about 8 parts water. I’m not super accurate about it— you don’t really need to be– but in general, hard or soft water, vinegar is an amazing conditioner. it’s just about the only thing that guarantees my hair will look great (with my hard water). There are other things that help A LOT, but I can absolutely see the difference if I choose to use a different conditioner and not vinegar. I just open up the jar and twist the end of my hair to dip them in, then pour a little bit on top and underneath. You can rinse it out, but you don’t have to. Yes, it smells funky (um, like vinegar), but the smell completely goes away once your hair dries. Be warned, it’ll burn newly shaved legs, so shave first or hold your head away from your body!
on the shelf by the sink: 
witch hazel, a toner:
there is really no reason to splurge on expense toners. witch hazel absolutely does the trick. I’ve been using it for four or five years now. It helps keep my skin clear and free. After I wash my face, I dab a bit on a cotton ball and deep clean my face. It tingles so good. I buy THIS brand, but you can find THIS one at whole foods. The second option is nice, but it’s a bit higher priced because of the scents and aloe (I don’t personally need the aloe, but it might be a good idea if you have more sensitive skin).
homemade moisturizer: yep! I still use it, but I do mostly skip the almond oil now. Me and the almond oil are still friends, but years later, after trying it out a few ways, I felt that it didn’t add enough to the mixture to keep it as part of the recipe. When I travel, I do typically opt almond oil though. Find recipe here.
homemade deodorant: yep! still have that too. If you look on the top shelf in the top photo you can see a stick too— I’m still working to get alex away from that old spice (blegh) and into the more natural armpit realm. He ran out of old spice recently though— and has been using the natural brand without complaints since. Hooray! Nex stop for his pits: the homemade version.
on that top shelf:
we also have our toothpaste, one of my favorite face soaps and alex’s daily essentials.. He does use all natural products (shave cream, tooth paste, soap, etc, but he will never lose his hair grease— he has an afro without it). &He’s taller, he gets the tall shelf.
funny story: yesterday I walked into the dentist office and there were 5 kids hanging out in the waiting room. The oldest must have been around 11 or 12. The younger ones ranged from about 5 to 9. The younger ones kept proclaiming, “she’s a kid!” While the older one kept trying to explain, “no she’s a grown-up”. But the little kids weren’t having it, they all totally decided that I was not a grown up and I am a child. #shortshelf.
So this post is a bit longer than I had planned/expected, but hopefully it can give you a little glimpse of a all-natural bathroom—- that yes, is maybe a bit on the crunchy side— but shows that there is an easy way to be all natural, without being a dirty hippie 😉 Hooray! Have any questions? Feel free to ask. A hair post will follow shortly 😉
oh and the bathroom wall color is a mint from quiet home paints. I actually custom ordered the color last year (they can make you whatever color you want), but it seems that it is now one of their standard options!


  1. I recently did a post about my favorite non-toxic/natural bath and beauty products. I made the switch a few years ago and it took a bit to find my favourites! Thought it might interest you. You were one of my inspirations to make the switch!


  2. Loved this post! I used vinegar as conditioner for a long time and really should get back to that, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. ps do you ever use vitacost (referral link: http://goo.gl/GwZclO)? i generally buy my natural products from there. just a quick look and the sweet orange oil is about $5 cheaper per bottle there than from amazon!

  4. do you use the ACV daily as a conditioner? I feel like I read somewhere that it has to be balanced out with baking soda.. or maybe it's vice versa. I think I read this during my attempt at no poo (I lasted 3 days). I've used it a handful of times and LOVED it on my long hair. I would love to use it daily.

    also would love a post on how you use your essential oils? we have a small handful we use in coconut oil, diffuser, good smells.. but what scents do you use for what? how do you use it in the shower.. just sprinkle it around? I'd love to add to our small collection.


    • Yes— except I only wash my hair every 6 days or so— I'm not practicing no-poo, but my hair is THICK and I've trained it a bit to need less washes.

      I will be doing lots more essential oil posts! and yes, sprinkle in a hot shower!

  5. Great post Drea! I am looking to simplify the number of products I use and move towards a smaller selection of natural items that I love. Right now I have so much excess things I never use and probably aren't good for me either, leaving my bathroom cluttered. I was hoping you could give some insight on the blue bottle that you store your witch hazel in? My bathroom is small as well and I'd love to get something similar thats pretty enough to leave out! Can't wait for your hair post!

    • the blue bottle— I'm not sure, I've had it for maybe 6 or 7 years now! it might actually be ikea though—- I bought a lot of that then 🙂

  6. I LOVE this! I have seriously been thinking about taking a natural cosmetics course recently. And thanks for the heads up regarding essential oils, that's something else I have been getting interested in lately. I know I've said it before… but I love these posts!

  7. I love rose oil too. I have lots and lots of oild and the Heart Song blend that you linked to is probably my favourite blend.

  8. I love the idea of a couple of drops of essential oil in the shower. And vinegar as a conditioner too. We have very hard water here, so I shall be giving it a try. I'm laughing about the children at the dentist's – children do like to say what they're thinking don't they. CJ xx

  9. wait, whaaat? And the vinegar actually untangles your hair??? I've never heard of that before and I'll totally have to try it. My hair gets SO bushy and tangly, though, that I have to admit: I have my doubts on it working. Usually I have to smother my hair in conditioner just to be able to untangle it.

  10. Definitely going to check out the Witch Hazel. I'm wondering if the vinegar pulls color? I color my hair and I'm pretty particular about what I put into it because I want my color to last longer. Has anyone ever mentioned if it would be color safe before?

  11. Thanks for the post, Drea! Love it, we use a lot of the same things in our house, as well. I recently tried my hand at homemade pomade in hopes of getting hubby away from his unnatural hair grease (he has curly, unruly hair). I think it worked awesome and have used it on my son, to me it feels exactly the same as store bought pomade. My hubby has some strange anxiety over it and claims he saw me put an avocado in it when I was making it (I did not). Anyway, he says when he runs out he will give it a go. Thought I'd share the recipe I used: http://www.mommypotamus.com/diy-hair-pomade-sculpting-wax/

  12. I can imagine that vinegar is not a good conditioner if you dye your hair — wouldn't it strip the color? I'm just wondering, because no I am NOT a natural redhead 😛

  13. I use acv as a conditioner as well! And did you know lavender essential oil is great for bug bites? It saved my sanity this summer! Also, I have super sensitive skin- all toners hurt my face and dried out my skin!- but I love using Thayer's. It doesn't hurt to apply and it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I consider myself to be a pretty thrifty person (read: cheap, haha.) but Thayer's is completely worth the price for me.

  14. Haha golly, I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar as a conditioner for about a month now, but I've been doing 1 part vinegar to 1 part water (I think I must have read that somewhere). It seems to be working really well, except I have to admit that sometimes I get a whiff of "salad" throughout the day 😛 I'll definitely be trying your measurements next time.

    Anne xx

  15. I like reading all your recipes for body care. I'm definitely going to try them. I like the natural stuff, recently i realized that coconut oil is 100% better than any store lotion for moisturizing. i hope you will talk more about your essential oils and aromatherapy, i'm really interested in that. Have a great day, Katie