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It’s so crazy-crazy that labor day is just around the corner. School is starting up again, long days are going to pick up for a lot of people, and for me, well, I’m mostly looking forward to the cooler weather and soaking in every minute of every day—- as much as possible. Since we have been traveling so much the past few weeks, we don’t really have any labor day getaway plans but I’m absolutely already dreaming about parties and relaxing with friends. You guys know I’m all about parties, so it’s been fun to team up with smirnoff once again to share some fun party ideas 🙂 Halle and I have a few themes in mind for a near future party, but knowing us, no matter what theme we choose, it’ll be colorful, delicious, and fun. For now, we’ve been celebrating our creative jobs by doing what we love best: unleashing colors (and scissors) to create fun (in party decoration form).
color party supplies
glue place snip party straws
I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with these little fruit cut outs we made, but I am. There’s a world of possibilities for personal straw toppers, but how cute are these in these bottles or paired with another summer cocktail? And the supply list? So simple: straws, glue, card stock, scissors, and smirnoff ice (or the peach flavor, that one is better). We cut out a few basic shapes, glued them together, and created a wrap around straw holder. So simple, so fun.
color party
halle summer
I’m funny, I know. Orange you glad I didn’t say bananas? Cause I REALLY dislike bananas.
smirnoff ice fruit straws
drea summer fruity color party smirnoff ice

Are you guys partying on labor day? Or just taking the day to relax? I’m hoping I can manage both 🙂

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