This photo is maybe two months old at this post (maybe not that old) and I may or may not have tortured M with this pineapple a bit too much. I just love to tease her— but she’s good at “playing serious” back and I love her for it. His name is Pete. You can see a short video HERE— it’s cute video, but I wish I could find the whole thing!

Anyway, we got home at 1 am and just woke up at 10 am. We’re all pooped– and look forward to a bit of relaxing before leaving again in a few short days! We had an amazing time in New Orleans, I can’t wait to share photos. I hope you all had an amazing week too!

Have a delicious and pineapple-friend filled weekend. 
rip. yellow couch.


  1. That photo is just amazing. Not sure if it's the adorable kiddo, the fantastic pineapple, or the awesome-sauce couch. Probably all three. 😀

  2. I am absolutely positive she will get a kick out of that photo when she's older. 🙂 Can't wait to see the photos from your trip!