These photos have been in my draft box for quite some time now– and every time I go to post them— a million better quality photos/posts pop up. I hate to be a perfectionist about these sorts of things but when it comes to bad lighting and grainy photos, I’m on the constant fence between sharing our fun moments and not. But let’s be real here. Ice skating rinks have the worst lighting EVER. And me bringing an actual nice camera on to the rink would be nothing short of a disaster and similar to playing a drunk joke on yourself. Do people do that? (drunk jokes) Who knows.
I started off this day thinking, “what the hell did I sign up for?”— I hadn’t ice skated since about 7th grade. If you couldn’t tell, I’m not much into winter sports 😉 Okay, okay, or any sports. Does drunk bowling count as a sport? (Can you tell I have booze on the mind? I’m dead sober though.) Drunk jokes and grainy photos aside, this day was a blast.


a photo from her first time…..

We hope to make ice skating a regular thing after this busy summer. And by “we”, I mean Alex and Marlowe— and I’ll join them occasionally. For now, we’re in Massachusetts– and Alex and I are actually road tripping to Vermont tomorrow morning– so posting these pictures of us in jeans in hats, seemed most appropriate given our location 😉 
I SO needed this “chilly” break! (It was actually 30 degrees colder than home yesterday!) I hope everyone has a perfect weathered, summer weekend! 🙂 I’ll be back monday with a load more of much better quality photos 🙂 And I have  few giveaways lined up too 🙂 


  1. am so scared to get back to skating, used to skate with my sisters. there's three of us. and that was a long long time ago 🙂 miss it though none of us were ever good at it.

  2. That looks like fun! I am a horrible ice skater but find it super fun! So conflicting. My hubby is amazing though and I'm competitive, yet another conflicting part of ice skating for us.

  3. It looks like such fun. Love the last photo, it's great. CJ xx