Looking back on day three I can’t even believe how busy we packed this day! We even skipped over a whole tour and it was still packed packed packed. 
 We started off the day much like our first day, heading down to magazine street in search of food. By recommendation, we started off at Surrey’s Cafe. I may or may not have had a mild hangover from the day before ( because I can’t hang)
One of three of us are always making faces, why?

Afterwards we went for a walk— trying to walk back to the hotel before the hot sun convinced us it was time to call a cab. We picked up a cab and headed towards the french quarter to find our voodoo/cemetery tour. Buttttt— it didn’t work out so well. We were pooped, we were confused, and we thought a nap would be best because there was a long day ahead of us. 

After our nap we headed to dreamy weenies. You guys probably know how I feel about mock-meat by now— I skip it– usually. On occasion we have it– like on thanksgiving. Or we used to have a place in Miami we would visit for hot dogs and garlic fries, but they stopped offering the vegan options. Wah. So anyway, we typically skip it, but headed to dreamy weanies for vegan dogs to re-live our junkie miami food dream. The food was good, obviously— you can’t go wrong with waffles fries, but better than that was the guy working there. He was great. I think a memo went out to New Orleans asking for the nicest people to move there. Marlowe was in heaven. Vegan coleslaw? Sign her up to move in. 

After lunch we decided to walk through the french quarter, but through the less touristy strip. We admired the homes and buildings and popped into a few voodoo shops— to make up for skipping the tour. Alex and I bought the most beautiful sequined (!!) tapestry piece in one of the shops.
We checked out one of the Marie Laveau’s museums— aka a tourist trap. Kitchy and fun, but a tourist trap nonetheless— but we kind of knew it was and went regardless, haha. Admittedly, I kind of enjoy tourist traps (add that to your list, Halle + Alana). South of The Border in the Carolina’s? I’m dying to go back. So, we stopped in the tourist stop, we stopped in shops, and we had a great time. And then once more, jumped in a cab to leave the french quarter.
She can’t hang 😉 So many sleepy car rides. 
My friend Hannah (a nola resident, former Floridian, dancing partner in crime) suggested we check out city park and all it’s surrounding activities— so we took our cab sleepy child that way. We headed to the museum of art to escape the heat first— in hind site it would have been better to enjoy the park first THEN cool off in the museum. Next time… 

Then we rented one of those family bike things in the park to circle around (and get lost) in. After a few confusing turns, we found Storyland for a very excited Marlowe (Be warned, if you plan on renting a bike to check out the different points of park (botanical garden, mini golf, story land, whatever), you can’t safely park and leave your bike unattended— someone has to guard it. But ten bucks says, Alex didn’t mind sitting out on story land part. 
real life selfie. 
After our park day we headed back to the hotel, freshened up, and headed down to the by water district for a dinner at Bhava— ahem, a gorgeous and delicious dinner at Bhava. From the little I know of New Orleans/Bhava, this place is apparently a hidden gem. Thankfully, it wasn’t hidden fro us and we got to fully experience it.

We had a quiet dinner prepared by Chef Anne Churchill with a few awesome New Orleanians/Orleanites? I might be wrong, but I think everyone there was vegan. Except for Alex, obviously. It was a great way to spend our last full day in New Orleans. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of the food since it was pretty dark by the time we ate, but it was really delicious nonetheless. You’ll have to take my word for it. 

Marlowe showing off her rainbow nails. 
awesome buildings in the french quarter
rent bikes (or boats!) at city park
voodoo shops and tourist traps
marlowe’s jumper and shoes: here
my top (4 years ago/sale)
my hat
my shorts
&&&if you’ve been following me on instagram, you know we’re in Massachusetts this week, Alex and I spent the last day and a half or so in Vermont— and now? We’re off to that big ole’ city, New York. We’ve been busy busy over here. It’s been chilly, but we’re absolutely enjoying the break. Hope you guys had a great weekend! Happy monday!
This trip was in partnership with The City Of New Orleans. A HUGE thank you to NOTMC for inviting us to your beautiful city.  &&a huge thank you to all those who recommended such amazing places! Nola, we love you. 


  1. You seriously do such a great job of catching the atmosphere of a place through photographs! Please never stop! it looks like you had such a wonderful time…I'm so happy for the three of you! <3
    ~ Samantha

  2. Okay these are the best photos of the bunch. Everything looks so freaking awesome. That photo of M holding the cell phone? Probably the best I've ever seen of her personality. LOVE IT. And the ONLY meat that I miss being a vegetarian is hot dogs. I just cannot seem to find any from the food store that taste good at all. I can't explain how much I want to go to this Dreamy Weenies place!!!!!

  3. It looks like such a fascinating place to visit. The restaurant courtyard is absolutely beautiful. Glad you had such a good day. CJ xx