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Last week we shared a list of plants that are great for improving indoor air quality. Bringing nature indoors can sometimes come along with a few natural (but generally unwelcome) house guests. Most commonly, gnats. These pesky little guys love to make their home in the moist dark soil of overwatered house pants. You can usually get rid of them by cutting back on watering until they’ve moved on. But, if it seems like they are setting up a permanent residence in your beloved plants, there are a few natural pest control remedies for you to try.

This is the easiest and more humane way to deal with pests. Simply peel a clove of garlic and push it into the soil of your potted plants. The strong smell acts as a repellant. If the clove starts to sprout, just trim it back.
Honey Traps:
Find a piece of bright yellow construction paper and cut out some little 1/2 inch squares. Tape one on the end of a toothpick. Using a paintbrush or q-tip, coat each side of the square with a layer of honey. Now, just stick it into the soil of your plant and wait. Once it becomes covered with bugs, toss it out and replace it with a new one.

Apple Cider Vinger Mixture:
Mix 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar with 3 1/2 cups water in a spray bottle. Give your plants a light misting. This should be used as a last resort because while the vinegar is highly effective at getting rid of pests, it can also kill your plant. I only use this method if the infestation is so bad that I’m worried about it spreading to my other plants.
Have you tried any other natural pest control methods? We’d love to hear about them. Happy growing!

note from drea: we just left emily’s house yesterday evening. we’re all a bit sad in the ohdeardrea household. we miss you Em& co. can’t wait to look through the pictures. please move back to florida anytime. K? A blue floral couch awaits you. Also, as Emily mentioned, vinegar can kill your plants. We use it is a weedkiller (more on that later), if your bugs are mostly in the soil, spray there and avoid the leaves. Hooray!
Author & Illustrations by Emily De Nicolais exclusively for ohdeardrea. To see more of Emily’s work, click HERE

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