It was just last week (actually, it was probably two weeks ago) I mentioned how I’ve been looking around and feeling more and more inspired. In the past, I think seeing others accomplishments and projects would upset me— feeling underwhelmed by what I was doing and feeling anxious that I wasn’t and couldn’t do more myself. But lately, when I see other people doing awesome things, it just makes me happy. I’m happy for the people in action, I’m grateful for what I have and I’m inspired by the endless possibilities we all have to create. 
It might sound silly, but one of the things that has really inspired me lately is a sneaker company, BucketFeet. I’m absolutely in love with the idea of people creating art, and having it shared in such a fun way, for everyone to enjoy. I constantly wonder why I don’t share more art in this space— I had plans to share more artists I love, but the book hit and it just hasn’t happened (yet!). So I guess you could say, this post and shoe shop BucketFeet, is kicking it off the art inspiration for me. 
Each pair of shoes is designed by different artists (painters, writers, illustrators, tattoo-artist, etc) around the world— so each shoe shares a story. You get to know the artist who created your shoe, where they’re from, and much more. (Dear Mat, from Buenos Aires, I love your design. Thanks.)
As mentioned, I’m looking forward to the winter season, where there is more moments to just enjoy our time. We already are on a constant project list around here. And if we’re not making practical projects for our home, we’re making art ‘just because’. I want to do more of that (the silly just-because art). And it’s pretty awesome to find companies that inspire you to do it— Marlowe and I collab’d on this one:

So I’ll tell you, I’m not an everyday sneaker person (not in summer anyway), but for the past few months, I’ve really been wanting a good and easy pair of sneakers— but I haven’t had the motivation to look for something. But then BucketFeet fell from the sky and into my life— and I’m seriously obsessed. Mostly for the art (hello awesome shoes), but also because they are tremendously well-made (I need shoes to last a while if they’re going to be added to my life) and actually really comfortable! Most  sneakers hit my ankles funny, but these were amazing from day one. Oh and when Hannah was over the other day, she mentioned they had nice arch support— which I would have never noticed, but they apparently do! Haha. BucketFeet has 23 new styles this fall. They have women’s shoesmen’s shoes, and kiddo shoe’s too!

Also (I googled this): 
Shoe shops are so hard, I just can’t sandal it sometimes.

Marlowe chose the Cloudwalker, designed in Berkley, CA. and mine are the Pindou, designed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The next pair I get? Totally number one up there. Sorta floral, sorta not.  Though the artist compares them to stained glass and a virus, haha. Either way, completely beautiful. And some of my other favorites: one / two / three / four / five / six.

But seriously: what’s better than wearable art?

Want a discount? If your order a pair now, the first 20 readers receive 25% OFF their order! Just click HERE to redeem it and use discount code: OHDEAR25
** ends 9/30! Get em fast. 

Learn more about BucketFeet HERE. Hooray! 

This moment of me kicking my feet up and enjoying making ridiculous art while being inspired by others was brought to your by BucketFeet— and hey, the post was too. 

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  1. Loving the sneaks. I have my sneaker wearing phases and right now it's coming around to that time for them. Def going to buy a pair in the future.

  2. These are some super cool sneaks. I wish I could take advantage of the discount, but I've already reached my shoe shopping quota for…. awhile, haha. Bookmarking for later though!

    BTW – I don't know if I've ever said this before, but I love your blog design so, so much! So simple, yet so colorful.

    -Kelly Del Valle

  3. Uhhh totally in love with the sneakers that you have on. I don't wear sneakers myself but I absolutely put my daughter in them so I'm heading over there right now!