I think I’ve had everyone and their mom (okay, maybe like, five people and MY mom) ask about our disney trip photos. Well, without having to wait a month, I’ve managed to get a bunch of photos together this week. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I actually went without a phone for the weekend because it was SO wet that my phone, well got a bit water logged and crapped out on me within our first few hours away. Our trip was pretty rain heavy, but I (we) sort of expected it to be. It was good and bad. Camping in the rain isn’t as wonderful as camping in sunshine— but disney in the rain is pretty decent. Add in late night passes (mickeys not so scary halloween) and rain? And you have yourself a wait-free disney experience. That being said, I obviously don’t have that many photos from this trip. I mean, I sort of do, because I stole everyone else’s photos, but I didn’t take many of my own— until the sun came out and I could use a real camera. It all worked out though. I planned on getting a new phone this month anyway, so it wasn’t that much of a bummer and it was pretty nice to just turn off and tune out.
Disney is weird for me. There’s something I love about the idea and nostalgia of it. And I love visiting, but I feel weird for loving it. Alex said it best, “it’s weird to see how most of America lives.” It is. Whenever we step out of our bubble to do more tourist-y type things, we realize how differently we live than most others in the states. We were one of the few groups in an actual tent. I mean, some people had more in their RV’s than we do in our entire home. I’m not putting it down, but it’s just so different from us. And I do hope and I do feel like many people are moving– or trying to move back to simpler ways, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. Either way, it was a good great weekend— friends, disney, cute kids, costume fun at not-so-scary, birthday cake that my kid wouldn’t eat, lots of bus rides, a few hours of sunshine for a pool stop, etc, good good good.

I will say, I think I sort of enjoy our camping photos more than our disney photos, but that’s for another day— no need to over-photo in one post 🙂 This is mostly disney, and a few other random shots 🙂

I’m a mouse, duh. 

tinkerbelle and her boyfriend, peter pan. 


Here’s a story, the first ride Marlowe (and everyone— except me) went on was the new snow white ride. She hated it. And now is a roller-coaster despiser like myself. I hung out with these guys while everyone was on the ride—- then my phone died. 


Three days of rain, mud, good ole’ americana, and not showering, you were pretty good. 


  1. How sweet Marlowe's little friend is, they look so adorable together. Glad you had such a good time. CJ xx

  2. where did you camp and would you recommend it? we've been thinking about going down to disney but its so expensive with flying, hotel, etc. camping would definitely help…

    • we stayed at fort wilderness! It's more expensive than traditional camping but A LOT less expensive than the hotels. And it's nice because you can just take a boat or bus into all the parks! Just be careful for when you plan— Florida has a long rainy season!

  3. It looks like so much fun! I love the first photo in the rain. There's something so comforting about the rain.

  4. This is so cute! I love the 'I'm a mouse, duh!' caption haha. Also, you look a little like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars. Xo

    • haha awww! I don't know spenders IRL life name, but I have watched some episodes (my best friend laura gets me to watch all of that sort of stuff, haha!), I'm not sure how I feel about her– but I think she's a good mix of things isn't she?

  5. You were only 2 hours away from me! wah.
    I totally didn't get Disney before kids. Now I love it. It's magic.

  6. The picture of the three of you hugging is possibly the best photo you've ever posted! Hooray for family photo success! Great costumes, too – Disney is so fun!
    ~ Samantha

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Ha ha I love the the combination of Disneyland and camping in the same holiday! I really get what you mean about sometimes being surprised at how other people live/ think. It's often never so apparent as when you're on holiday somewhere! Have you guys ever considered New Zealand? Something tells me this place would be right down alley 🙂

    • It's funny, new zealand is somewhere I never planned on visiting or thought much about– but from what I do know about it, we would fit in quite well and probably never want to leave 🙂

  8. I love that photo of the three of you laughing- you look really happy and sweet 🙂

  9. I love this post!! Disney has always been my favorite place growing up, even now at 19, i'd drop any and everything I'm doing just to go! And live in Florida as well (Miami to be exact) and i remember my parents surprising my brother and I, every now & then by just hoping in the car and going! So seeing these pictures of Marlowe, her little boyfriend (so cute), and the whole family make me so happy and giddy! Thank you for sharing!! Really loved this post!

    xx Olivia

    • yes! my dad used to do this with us all the time! I don't see us doing it even half as much as he did, but I'd like to make it a point to do it at least occasionally! 🙂 Thanks!