Well guys, this image has been cracking me up for the past few days. I’m actually working on cookbook things again— And if you saw my previous a picture an hour post, you know things get pretty hectic around here. I’m not actually cooking anymore for the book (well, okay, I’m always cooking), but I’m also working on other things. My carpal tunnel was on the mend and creeping back. The good news is sleeping (and mostly) wearing the braces helps A LOT. Granny status sure, but so worth it to wear them. It’s probably a good reason why there has been way more photos to words (and because I love photos of course). Anyway, this post is way more whiny-woe is me than I wanted. It’s not meant to be, I just haven’t had coffee 😉 haha.  I’ll give more book updates when I have them, for now I know it’s still on track to be released later next year— and I’m excited by all the kid-friendly tips and other things I’ve included. Recipes for everyone, but tips for the little ones. I definitely don’t want or need all kids to be vegan, but boy oh boy do I want our kids to eat better. SO I’m crossing fingers and toes this book helps in that, even just a little bit 🙂

Alex and I started watching this dirt movie last night. We didn’t finish (we always start movies around 1 am), but if you’re looking for something to watch— it’s not bad. A little *substitute teacher science movie* if you know what I mean: trying to be hip to speak out to the kids. But hey, sometimes the cheese is good too! He turned to me and asked, “are we nerds because we love watching crap like this?” I said, “no of course not” and then squealed when the narrator was Jamie Lee Curtis. So there’s that. Dirt is important, guys.

SO, I actually have a ton of posts to share. Family stuff, recipe stuff, and tons of pictures of recently enjoyed things– but next week! Also, I want to bring back something really important— FOOD (cause food is important, guys). But in the meantime, I’m leaving you with this photo that cracks me up^^ 
And this song below that my friend Morgan sent me a few months back when I was working working working in the most overwhelming way. It helped my day then, it helps it now, it’s helps all the time. And it makes me want to slow dance (or lay on a floral couch listening to it!) You might like it too <3 Happy friday! 

Thanks for this, Morgan. Love you girl!

Dream baby, dream.


  1. Such a great photo! ha
    I seriously cannot wait for your cookbook! We aren't a vegan household but I'm all for eating healthier!! And if there's tips for little ones, I'll pre-order your book already 😉

  2. first of all lovelovelove thsoe crazy, colourful couches 🙂 Sorry to hear about your carpel tunnel acting up, sounds painful. I'm really looking froward to your cookbook coming out – lots of your readers appreciate the work you've put into it 🙂

  3. Fridays are my favorite! Especially when I get the day off! By the way I loved your bathroom tour and made one myself on my blog! I am still trying to get a hang of a more natural life. Any tips?

  4. Another new sofa? or did I miss that? Super cute!
    Sending well wishes your way! Carpal tunnel must suck for you!!!! Hope it gets better!!!

    • yes! It came maybe about a month ago. I've been needing to replace the 50$ yellow one for about a year now— a clearance came and I did it 🙂


  5. What a great picture! I'm imagining both of you just collapsing with that exhausted "ugh" noise (haha). And hey you deserve to have Granny status for a while for how busy you've been!
    Thanks for sharing the Dirt movie – I'm kind of a dork for documentaries and have been looking for a good one. I'm definitely going to watch it!
    ~ Samantha