So we did it. We had our very first, successful but wet camping trip. We actually had a pretty decent sized group of us— six adults and five kids— I was pretty nervous to how chaotic it could possibly be before going in, but actually it was pretty easy! The kids were all pretty great. The two older girls helped us out a lot by playing with, watching, and helping the little kids. They’re a good group the five of them together. Marlowe loves spending time with all kiddos so much. She goes back and forth between calling cameron her boyfriend and her brother— and while I’ve tried to explain it to her a few times, it’s just so cute letting her do this. And she spends a lot of her time snuggled with the other girls which is just super sweet.
We camped at Fort Wilderness, one of the disney resorts. This is/was significantly cheaper than the hotels of course– maybe slightly more expensive than typical camping though, but not ridiculous. The plus sides were that we didn’t have to worry about cars because the bus system and the bathrooms are kept up and clean. We showed up friday afternoon and set up tents. Alex popped his head in the tent and proclaimed “oh look, it’s just like our house! flowers and textiles everywhere!” Yep. Will travel with floral. I do sort of regret not bringing more blankets though. Alex laughed at my amount, but I was pretty chilly at night! But I’m just a tropics girl forever—- and middle and north florida are NOT like south florida! 
We picked up these suitcases the first time Alex proposed to me. We found them in this old barn shop o the way back from our drive and I knew they were a bit ridiculous, but I wanted them. This is only the second time we used them (the first ridiculous time HERE), but they turned out to be perfect for camping. Slim, secure, and I could use them as a little chair or stand in the tent. I’d say it was a win.

We were lucky enough to arrive to the campsite when everything was dry– and it only started sprinkling while setting up, luckily towards the end. Alex set up lights and declared it home. After everyone was set, we got dressed in our costumes for our very wet not so scary halloween adventure.
We headed to the park, had our amazing wet adventure and headed back in the dark to snuggle in our chilly and wet tents.

Most of the time the kids were playing in “the woods”, playing go-fish, or kickball. Alex was in charge of about 90% of food. I organized like a crazy person– and Alex looked over to me and said we’re kind of a good fit, match, team, whatever. I mean, we’re both so incredibly ocd about keeping tidy, it’s a good thing we found each other.

Thanks for the avocado, dad. 

Not sure what the rule is for showing your license plate (or your brother’s) on the internet, but, HEY.

We stayed two nights at the campsite so we could experience the campfire— but it seems like EVERYONE was there to experience the campfire because it was pretty much more busy than disney world. Unfortunately we forgot the vegan marshmallows. Fortunately marlowe doesn’t like marshmallows and was content with chocolate.
After the campfire experience we headed back to the site for cake before putting the kids to bed and making ourselves a taco feast and heading to bed.
By the third day we were all petty much out of clean clothes— and we came to the realizations that steph’s family is much cleaner than ours give than they showered and our family all opted not to. We love Steph and her slightly less dirty family. I returned my brothers car smelling like campsite and spilt lemongrass oil from my homemade natural bug-spray. Thanks brother!

It was a wonderfully muddy time.
see other part of our camping/disney trip HERE.
ps. thanks Barbara, Steph, and whoever else’s camping photos I may have stole! <3<3<3


  1. Looks like so much fun!

    Not sure if it grows in south Florida (It's everywhere here in Gainesville), but check out beautyberry for natural bug repellant. It is MAGIC. I just rub the leaves on myself.

    Also, isn't the Element the best car for camping?? I'm obsessed with mine!

  2. I've never gone camping and now this makes me want to! You guys make the best out of everything… even camping in the rain!

  3. What a wonderful adventure. And a really good avocado! Glad you all had such a good time. CJ xx

  4. That avocado is HUGE. Like really really massive. Also, LOVE that your tent is just as colorful as your home – that was actually my first thought too when I clicked on this post, lol!
    ps. These photos remind me of my childhood. I also grew up in south florida (Fort Myers!) and camping at Disney/Epcot camping grounds happened quite often!

  5. loved the pictures. I also have a stone mortal and pestle but it's not half as pretty or accomm
    odating as the one you have

  6. What a fun camping trip! My family and I used to go camping every summer and those are some of the best memories! Campfires, big mom-made pancakes for breakfast, dinner on the grill, my 3 siblings and I getting dirty and mom and dad not caring…those were the golden days 🙂 I'm glad you had such a great time! As usual, I love all the colors in your photos!
    ~ Samantha