So if you’ve been at all checking in daily on my posts– then you can see how up and down and back forth (literally, physically, and in post dates) I’ve been lately. It’s like, “where in the world is drea sandiego?” or something to that nature. But here we are— two to three weeks after this New Orleans trip— after vermont, new york, massachusetts, and wherever else, finally—to show you the last day of the trip. *tear* well, okay, I actually have one more post to put together, because I’m seriously drooling thinking about all the delicious food we ate— but with my post scheduling lately, who knows when that post will be. Regardless, let’s end the rambling and show you guys our last day in the beautiful (and surprisingly vegan and family friendly) city of New Orleans.


We started off our day with a lighter “breakfast” (are smoothies breakfast? For some people maybe? Coffee is our breakfast, so yes, smoothies should be breakfast too?) at the superfood bar. There were beach pictures on the wall— and coconuts on the wall and in our drinks, so obviously we felt at home.

After breakfast we took a hot hike in the hot sun to meet for a garden district tour.


Our tour was neat and the neighborhood was beautiful. The houses were gorgeous and the cemetery was interesting too, especially since we had skipped our cemetery tour the day before. I had no idea how an above ground cemetery really worked (rotating caskets and what not), all I knew was that they were above ground for swamp/water level reasons, so it was cool to learn something new! Marlowe did surprisingly well on the tour— and we now have a collection of fallen leaves in our home to remind us of New Orleans.

After our tour I popped into loomed nola while waiting for the cab. I regret not buying everything.

A LOT of people suggested we try Breads on Oak— so we picked up sandwiches and cookies— and pie— when life shows you vegan dessert, you buy it. We then headed back to the hotel to check out and eat.

We had two hours or so before our flight and opted to try out the children’s museum. It was such a good idea. Marlowe had a blast doing all the little kid things, we got to escape the heat (and random rain!) and we all got to just have an easy time before our flight home. I’m always on the fence about children’s museums— not that I’m half way against them, but I’m never certain if I should spend the time or the money— but this place has convinced me that we need to get out and try more. A tiny supermarket and tiny restaurant for the kids? In love. (Marowe bought only fruits and vegetables, you go girl.) 

look ma, I’m in a bubble.

So that was that. After the museum— we headed back to the hotel for one last drink at the bar before getting on a plane drinking at the airport. Marlowe likes to get all fancy with her “bubble water” and lime. You can see the excitement to leave in my face, huh? I could have stayed forever.

So there we are, the last day of our New Orleans vacation. We were all incredibly impressed. Just about every other time I see my dad, I try to convince him that we need a big family road trip—- cause New Orleans, with grandparents to give us a grown up break? That would be the cherry on the sundae. But even without the grandparents, we really had ZERO idea how amazingly family (and vegan) friendly New Orleans is— but it really, really is. Like, we did A LOT of stuff and ate A LOT of food there— but the reality is, we didn’t even get to do and try all of it. The city was and is packed with good stuff— and like I’ve said (so many times) before, some of the absolute most friendliest people I’ve ever met.
For instance, the very top photo in this post? When I was taking a photo of the house, a car stopped right in the middle of the street. I thought maybe they had a question, so I put down my camera and waited (not that I could have given them directions or anything like that, but still). Then the driver opened his window and was like “oh no, I was just stopping because I didn’t want to ruin your picture!” Amazing, right? Genuine kindness and consideration for others is hard to find! But it’s everywhere New Orleans. 
The city was magical and truly inspiring— it has me looking at everything around me in a different way and has even made me want to make a bigger effort in kindness. Almost silly, but true. We love New Orleans, we can’t wait to go back (and eat more egg rolls). 
pre-departure drinks: 
This trip was in partnership with The City Of New Orleans. A HUGE thank you to NOTMC for inviting us to your beautiful city.  &&a huge thank you to all those who recommended such amazing places! Nola, we love you. 

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  1. Thank you for posting about this! I'm planning a US trip next year and New Orleans is high on my list, but with a boyfriend who has a very short attention span, I've got to make sure there's enough to do to keep him entertained! No relaxing for him!

  2. I loved reading your Nola posts! This is my hometown and after living up north for the last two years, I know you are spot on about the people and their kindness. New Orleans really is something special with lots to offer and I'm glad y'all got to enjoy it!

  3. How awesome is that?! Especially that the car stopped so as not to ruin your photo – that's some community love, right there. I've never been to New Orleans but would love to make it there one day. And the fact that its so vegan friendly? Huge bonus!
    I loved seeing all of your photos!
    ~ Samantha