This post will give a slight idea of how far behind I am on life. We’ve been back in florida for a while now, but I’m only getting to this now. But here we are, better late than never with some images of our enjoyed things in Massachusetts.  ^this store, I wanted everything. 

omg, someone buy me an alpaca. 

trying to feed them— they were a bit too cool— or they knew I wanted to steal them. Not sure. 

breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So! We stumbled on THIS place on Rt 68 in Rutland on one of our scenic drives. I tried to buy a bird house and realized I was just about out of cash. The owner said, “no worries, just send me a check” and let me take the birdhouse. So not only is New Orleans one of the kindest places around, but so is Rutland, MA. Forever inspired. 

Reading my 5th grade “about me” book— it said to describe myself in three words. I wrote: “weird, hungry, me.” Still accurate. I’ll never change. 

hanging out with my friends. 

Oh, just me being a major creeper and taking sneaky selfies (#halfies) to send to my dearest friend Katie, so I could show her I was in the same restaurant as her boyfriend, but not her. HI MARCUS!

&the neon toxic noodles that followed after. 

well, thats darling.

smart, I’ll take two. 

love them. 

where I spent my time growing up.

a vacation nap! 

&these people of course! 


  1. I love the "instant ancestors" photo. Whenever I go into antique malls and I find photos like that, I sort through them and take one or two. It makes me sad to think that their families no longer wanted those pictures, or that maybe everyone who ever cared about them are gone. So I take them to kind of honor/remember them. Sometimes they have little stories written on the back with their names. I like to think they would appreciate their memory being carried on.

  2. These are my favorite posts on your blog, next to the DIY natural stuff 🙂 That store in Massachusetts looks awesome.Never heard or seen an alpaca in my life. It is so so so adorable and cute! I want one too 🙂 I had to burst out laughing after reading abt the sneaky halfie hahahhaha It's a cute photo btw.

  3. I love the "halfie"with you and M 🙂 Actually, I love all your pics in general! It looks like you had such a great time! And the picture of the gang in the car…oh my goodness do I know that feeling. Haha growing up in a family of 6 meant long, cramped car rides (though you all seem much happier than a bunch of bickering kids!). Glad you're back safe!
    ~ Samantha

  4. I am glad you got to visit Rutland! I grew up in the Spencer/Sturbridge area and although I live in Colorado now, I miss the NE fall every year!

  5. Cute! I'm a lifelong west coaster a bit intimidated by the east coast, but you make it seem like a wonderful, interesting, and welcoming place. Love the "Marlowe" embroidered pillow.

  6. What was the name of the store in the first photo? Thinking of taking a road trip soon and it seems like just the type of place I'd want to visit. – Isabelle of