my flower child in her favorite chair. obsessed with her crown

pretty things. 

alex and the baby. 

my sil in law took marlowe to the zoo— alex and I got to sit alone and eat. that qualifies as a day date, yes? totally.

I woke up and found him like this. I then looked around the room for marlowe….
(find room details: here)

and found my sleepy, smiley faced child here, waiting for me. she knows where to find me 🙂 

glitter party. I promised her she could throw the rest of it on her birthday. (mom of the year)

sandwich and beading dates. 

I’ve taken almost the same exact picture so many times. I’ll never stop. The light in the morning is forever magical to me. 

ps. vegan moccs

trolley dates. 
Here’s a good story, I spent 3 minutes looking for the girls glasses inside and outside a coffee shop, until some nice chick sitting at the table alerted me to the fact that they were sticking out of my back pocket. Later on in the week, I discovered this was Marlowe new thing— sticking things in my back pocket. This story got boring fast, sorry. 

windy waterfront dates. 

these chefs. 

and one more of her flower crown. cause even though I already posted one picture and posted this one on instagram, I’m pretty much in love with this and it’s an eco-friendly shop too— so it deserves extra ‘shout outs’*

*I hate the term ‘shout outs’— but I can’t think of a better term. brain fart. 


  1. I loveLOVE how colorful your home is! I've been on such a neutrals kick the past few years, but it's actually making me reconsider and want to make some of my home a bit brighter again!

  2. Aww "day dates" are so sweet! And the pictures of Alex and M? So sweet!
    I agree with Emmett Katherine a few comments above – your home is so incredibly colorful and "happy looking"! I've worked pretty hard to add color to my dorm room – not an easy thing to do when your only way to stick anything to the walls involves command hooks – and seeing your house all bright and sunny always makes me look forward to having my own place!!!
    ~ Samantha

  3. I'm always so jealous of the lighting in your living room. I was hoping we would get great lighting in our new house but even after painting everything white, it's still pretty dark unfortunately. I still love it none-the-less!

  4. I love how bright and colourful your home is, it's such a happy place 🙂 Question for you, I know you mentioned previously (I think?) that your couches were thrifted or second hand but do you have any suggestions of where to find new ones? I wanted to get a couple of colourful armchairs for our living room but am struggling, there's not much selection here in Canada! I'm open to stores in the US or Canada. thanks in advance!

    Emmett – Hippie Lace

  5. Beautiful morning light indeed, I love it too. I looks lovely down on the waterfront. CJ xx