Today Miss Marlowe Paloma turns four. 
Having a kid really changes time and how you look at it— it couldn’t feel faster than it feels right now. And without overcrowding this space with pictures or words, I just want to say that being this girls mother has been (without a doubt) the coolest thing I have done in my life.
Happy Birthday Marlowe. You are awesome. You will move mountains.
*also, I want to mention she stood in her closet in the first photo because she had put away ALL her clothes by herself. Not some, but all, and wanted to show me 🙂 
ps. for all those asking about the coloring book on instagram, its this fashion book— a gift from our amazing friend, halle. But if you’re interested you can actually see a list of all our favorite coloring books here.  &Marlowe’s ocean outfits is from here. We’ll be having a giveaway on instagram to win some for yourself (your kiddos) soon. 


  1. Happy birthday Marlowe! Being loved, playing and expressing yourself, eating healthy, spending time with parents who are doing everyday what they love most seems like the ideal life for every kid. Your child is blessed and so are you two as parents…

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Marlowe! She's such an independent, creative spirit. What a joy for you. <3

  3. Happy Birthday to Marlowe, I hope it's a wonderful day. Four is an excellent age to be, so many adventures to be had. The world is indeed her oyster. CJ xx

  4. I'd always wanted a little one. You are blessed.
    Happy Birthday, Marlowe. You will move mountains, that's for sure <3

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Marlowe!!! I hope you both have had a spectacular day!! You are so awesome for raising such a dynamite kid, Drea!
    ~ Samantha