Wow! It’s been months since I’ve done a brunchday post! Now that this whole cookbook process is basically over and it’s mostly just a good ole’ patiently waiting game, we have more time to do these things once again! I mean, it’s silly to think that this would happen less because of the cookbook— but that’s totally how it works/worked. I guess it’s sort of okay though– because this was in fact the rainiest summer EVER— and oh so hot too. So really, book or no book— our days were literally (and hypothetically) just a bit less sunny. Well, lucky for us, our fall is off to a decent start and time outside– it’s happening. Our garden is growing (I promised a post this week and think I’m going to fail on delivering that, but whatever), the bugs are chilling out, and the breeze isn’t half bad!
On this particular brunchday last week (it was pre-waylon the pup), I worked a bit, Marlowe played, and Alex woke up to make us a nice little breakfast-lunch of plantain and avocado sandwiches. We enjoyed a “cooler” morning outside (we’ve been outside forever!” -marlowe) before Alex headed to work and Marlowe and I had a quiet day of writing practice and other pre-school type workbooks. It was nice. I’m looking forward to more and more time like this.
Florida, I love you.

bed tents


“this popsicle is cold”

go garden go!

&&&one of our new favorite hangout places…. can’t wait to give you guys the full tour, it’s coming together nicely 🙂


  1. Your dog looks so much like the one my family had growing up. Is he a jack Russell mix of some kind?

  2. Lovely brunch. And I really like your brick paved area outside, it's wonderful. I'm glad the weather is cool enough for you to enjoy being outdoors again. CJ xx