Well, we’re set for a busy (but still up in the air) weekend over here. Mostly though, thanks to puppy face, I’m just hoping I can catch a bit of sleep at some point in time! He’s lucky he’s so cute! He came with a bit of worms in his stomach, but hopefully it will all be easily manageable. I’m just doing my best to keep him away from the old man, Jerry dog. 
On my own personal front, I’m happy to say I have one california friend flying in next week and one ex-floridian (now New York) friend coming in too. Same day, only a few hours apart. I’m hoping to make it a very, very good girls packed week, because the following week? Well, don’t be surprised if you get the weirdest post update ever— something about taco puppies and pizza rainbows— or whatever else I would talk about after having four compacted wisdom tooth removed. Yikes. It should be an interesting week for sure! In my head I have lots of movie time with the little girl and the two pup dogs happening. I guess it’s probably time to start a juice fast too. (Serious side eye.) If you have any helpful “here this will make you not want to rip your mouth out tips” that would be appreciated, haha. 
I don’t know why sometimes I do these friday/weekend posts and sometimes I don’t— but I think it’s just nice to pop in and say “hey! this is whats going on!” without a lot of fuss 🙂 Nothing crazy, nothing special, just ramble ramble. Hope you don’t mind it too. 
I know I already said it on instagram, but Marlowe was anti new dog for a few months now. (Crazy, right?) I’m putting together a (hopefully amusing) post on that story. Next week they’re should also be a garden post, What Marlowe eats, &probably likely, pictures of recently enjoyed things 🙂 Hoping to say, good bye puppy worms, hello fun, and have lots of quality friend time. A week in, and October you look kinda scary and awesome. 
In other news, it’s the weekend. It’s time to (puppy) party.
Have a wonderful, fresh-aired and cozy weekend, everyone! 
ps. Oh, by the way! for those who asked, the pup’s name is Waylon. Or ‘puppy face’ for short. He’s 7 weeks old and a beagle-dachshund mix. Welcome to the family, Waylon ‘puppy face’ Duclos. You are the sweetest thing.  


  1. So cute!!!!!! Good luck with the wisdom teeth… my experience wasn't the best 🙁 But most people say it wasn't so bad! I basically just starved myself so I have zero food tips haha

  2. So let me be the first to say STAY AWAY from acidic smoothies in your first week, I thought I would smoothie my way through but you have giant holes in your gums and acidic anything into that space will result in extreme pain. Also, I seriously think getting your wisdoms out in your mid to late 20's is a whole other experience (we had lots of people tell my cousin and I -we had ours out on the same day, that they were fairly pain free, all those people had them out at like 19 20) we are 25 and 26 and it was rough! the first couple days I was eating and out and about but three days in the pain was unbearable.. Suggest Myprodol (do you have that in the states?) and rinse your mouth with warm salt water a few time a day and just sleep plenty. Eat soft foods too.. Oh waking up from the anesthesia also made me vommit a lot, don't want to scare you I just went back to work a couple days in but the anesthesia only wore off on my first day at work and I had to go home cause the pain was bad and lying down was the only thing that helped.. MAybe just make sure you don't have to do much for a good 5 to 7 days afterwards, I wish someone had warned me a bit.

  3. had all my wisdom teeth out right before college– the recovery period was really quick for me! if i remember correctly it was something like milkshakes (without a straw of course) until i could eat solids, and then easy to chew french fries. so basically nothing's changesd 😉 i slept for hours after the procedure thanks to anesthesia, so maybe have someone there to keep an eye on M? oh. and wear a ratty old tshirt because blood drool is a real thing. :/

  4. He is beyond cute. Love this post, and I shall look forward especially to the garden one. Hope you have a good weekend, and I hope the wisdom teeth thing goes well. I had mine out, it wasn't too bad, other than the injections no pain medication needed. You might want to dig out the soup recipes though. CJ xx

  5. He is soooooo cute!! My husband has a knack.of catching me out when I'm googling local dog rescue sites…… looking for a little friend for our terrier

  6. He is soooooo cute!! My husband has a knack.of catching me out when I'm googling local dog rescue sites…… looking for a little friend for our terrier

  7. Waylon is adorable! And what an interesting name – where did it come from?
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your galpals!
    ~ Samantha

  8. That pup is quite a cutie!
    I was dating my now husband when I got my wisdom teeth out in high school and he still laughs about the time when I called him at work saying "Sethhhhhh I'm just spinning in circles in the middle of my roooooooom!" And I certainly was spinning around in circles….thanks pain meds! Ha

  9. I had three of my wisdom teeth cut out a few years back… I have no idea why they didn't take out all four because that one is giving me trouble now! Ugh! I was a bit of a wreck when I came out of anesthesia. I didn't think they had even done anything to me! I was like "why didn't you take them out!" (sob, sob, sob) The nurse told my Dad, "good luck with this one!" and I thought she was soooo mean!! But after all that I was fine. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! But Good luck nonetheless!!!

  10. Make sure you don't use straws afterward! They sound like a good idea because it's uncomfortable to open your mouth too far, but they can lead to dry socket, and that is miserable. It's the sucking motion that's the problem. Otherwise, stick with soft foods and give yourself time to rest, and you should be fine!