You know, my four year old is an interesting little human. I don’t know much about kids or babies, but she’s always seemed a bit different than other kids we’ve met. She a smart kid, she’s a sweet kid, and with the exception of this slightly more challenging past week, she’s a really, really good kid. But like anyone else, she has her quirks.
So, about a year or so ago (maybe less) I really started thinking that it would be nice to get a miniature pig in this home. I still think so actually, but the idea is on hold now (of course). We have the space and we’re home most, if not almost all, the time. But Alex was a straight away ‘NO’ with that thought though. And my four year old (then three year old)? She was a ‘no way’ too. I’m not sure what child says no to a pig, but she did. About two or three months ago, I started itching for a trip to the dog shelter to look for a new dog to bring into our lives. Alex didn’t turn this idea down, but his more worried self kept asking “are you sure? you’re not too busy? will it be a problem?” etc etc. I was pretty sure. My kid on the other hand— my funny little kid? Didn’t want any part of it. She’s very particular about things, and prefers the well known and often hates change in our home and in her space. She was very clear in her “I don’t want a dog. We have a dog, Jerry.” And she’s right. We don’t need a dog— just like we don’t need another human— or really anything else, but sometimes it’s just nice to make a little change, or this case, more like an addition. Puppies don’t excite Marlowe. And for someone like myself who begged my parents, every single day, for any and every kind of pet imaginable, it’s a bit hard for me to understand why a child would not want a new pet (puppy or not).
But then again, Marlowe in general, is like this. She’s a very happy child, and very content with what she has. And whether it’s nurture or nature, or both, I don’t know— but I do know that even though it can kind of bum me out when my kid isn’t excited about a new puppy (or a new bike or new anythings), at the end of the day, it’s a very good thing. She’s not a jerk. She’s not uncaring. She just knows that she has everything she needs to be happy.

In a way, it’s been a reality check for myself. I mean, it’s something I’ve known about myself for years, but I’ve never really completely understood what it would be like for someone on the outside. I like objects because they’re thoughtful, not because they are new things and presents. Shiny new things don’t stay shiny for long, so it’s nice to have things that I really love that add to my life. And it seems as if Marlowe feels the same. I’m sure I’ve touched on it, but for things like Christmas and birthdays, she’s typically unimpressed by a lot of presents— or even a few really good presents, she’s mostly content with what is already in her space. And with something like a pet, it is no different. 
Alex and I joke (in slight fear) that our ocd tendencies will multiply on her— not only because it’s genetically embedded in her, but also because I have intense serious wants when it comes to organization and Alex does too. Lucky for all of us, she does too– so she gets it. A puppy for Marlowe? Meant someone to eat her toys. Someone to knock down her towers. Someone to bother her dog that she already loves SO much. Jerry isn’t a dogs-dog. He’s a human lover. And every time the conversation of a new dog came up, she worried for him. 

I’m not sure why I never made the drive to the shelter. Maybe it’s just because each day I asked Marlowe, she said no… and I was okay with it, but still entertaining the idea. And I knew, whenever it would happen, be it that day or next year, it would be a rescue. There are so many loving dogs out there that need homes— like Jerry, he’s the perfect example. And yes, even at 7 years old, he needed a bit of training, but he’s a good dog with a lot of love to give. And 7 years later, he’s still got his shelter dog issues, but he’s a good dog. Finding a puppy has never been on top of my list— but when we met this little puppy-face’s brother, I fell in love. And when I found out his litter of brothers and sisters were needing homes, I gave in to the puppy face idea and wanted him. I tried to show my enthusiasm with Marlowe— but she wouldn’t give. Cute puppy or not, she couldn’t care less. But I cared enough (a whole lot) and wanted that dog and planned to pick him up soon. 
I called my mom to tell her the news and I told her I just didn’t understand my funny little kid not wanting a puppy. And she agreed and said, it does sound funny, but it also sounds like you. None of the regular things I thought you would love or be excited for, you cared for.” And it’s true. That was me. I didn’t want a lot of things, but the things I wanted, I really wanted. I had a deep passion for a few things in life— just like Marlowe. She has a big love for her fair share of things, but a puppy isn’t one of them. And that’s okay. She’ll be indifferent sometimes, it’s in her nature, but she’ll have a love for other things and adventures too. 
I’d like to talk about responsible puppy and pet ownership sometime in the future— cause it is a bigger decision than it can sometimes seem. But as for us, we’re a week or so into this puppy owning thing now. We’re happy with our worm-filled (quickly getting better) finally de-flea-ed rescued puppy face— even when he has bad days where my floor becomes his bathroom 😉 Lots of pee, little sleep, lots of cuddles, but we’re all adjusting to this change. For Alex and I, we agree, it’s like the puppy has been here forever and he fits in the sometimes madness. For Jerry, our 14 year old dog-man, he’s adjusting and he seems both younger and older due to the new pup. For Marlowe— she does like him. And she sometimes asks if she can sit next to him. She’s still very protective over Jerry and learning patience with her toys, but she asks to help as often as she can. It’s been a good week.
Oh, and the other thing Marlowe loves to do? She loves to tell me, “I think Waylon wants to watch project runway… can we watch it together?” haha. 


  1. AHHHH: I totally agree! What child DOESN'T want a pig!?!?! I've wanted a miniature pig since I was three or four and saw Charlotte's Web for the first time. Pretty sure I'd still say "hell YES" to a pig! 🙂

  2. We are so on the fence about a pup right now, and we've been dragging it for a long time. Seeing these pictures might move things along!

  3. He's such a cutie. How lovely that Marlowe knows her own mind so definitely and that she doesn't just want stuff all the time. Very refreshing, she sounds quite wonderful and quite exceptional. I'm glad little Waylon is fitting in well. Looks like Jerry likes him too. CJ xx

  4. Your new puppy is such a cutie pie! I love the pictures of him and Jerry!
    I'm the same way – I don't want a lot of things, but what I do want, I reaaallly want, and I'll nearly obsess over it until I get it. It's like intense motivation for everything, but at least you know you're going after your dreams and not just after something that won't make you happy!
    I'm glad everyone's doing well and you've had a good week 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  5. Aww, this filled my heart with such joy. I'm also the sort of kid who begged my parents for pets when I was little. I ended up adopting a dog from the shelter more-or-less on a whim a year and a half ago, and now she is the planet my life circles around. Best friend, comforter, cuddler, and even my office buddy on the job. I wish people better understood how much dogs, and especially puppies, require, and that you need to be in a certain place in your life for it to be a good idea. It's so great that Marlowe is growing up with dogs. I think pet ownership provides extremely valuable lessons to kids, such as compassion and responsibility. Knowing how to interact with dogs safely is also an invaluable life skill. You should so, 100% write a blog post about responsible pet ownership in the future 🙂