this might just be one of the girliest “pictures of recently enjoyed thingsever

long haired babe. 

my everyday. (except I’ve finally cleaned, organized, and mostly updated this space!!!. I can’t wait to share)

pizza parties. 

I’ll be honest, this hair magic pretty much only happens if I put something on for her to watch, but it’s kind of awesome. 

before walking out the door to go to dance class with alex, I asked her “hold on, can I take a picture?” and she does this. cutest kid ever (worst cart-wheeler ever.)

partied too hard. 

we paint. 

friends! puppies! sun! 

I love my home. 

this was highly amusing to me at the time and would probably be more amusing to me now if I could make it look as cool in photos as it looks in real life. #soclose shoes.

can’t be mad at something this cute. 

andddddd this guy!!! as this post goes live, I am on my way to pick up his brother! I cannot wait. New puppy smell, sharp little teeth, making jerry jealous, it’s going to be awesome! Name ideas are welcomed. My top names right now are Slash, Pizza, or Snoop Dog (cause I’m Dr. Dre(a), duh). I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge puppy person, but omg, I fell in love with these pups. YAY PUPPY!

Happy tuesday! 


  1. I love your home too, the colors are lovely. The pup is adorable, can't wait to see more of him.

  2. lol! Only you would use "pizza" and "i'm not a puppy person" in reference to the same thing. I love human names for animals…He looks like a Ben (Ben & Jerry!) or Luke or Sean. 🙂 So much goodness in one post, I bet Marlowe is ecstatic!

  3. Drea! Where do you purchase your rugs from?! I am on the hunt for a good (inexpensive) one! Thanks 🙂 P.S. I've said it a million times, but again, your home is beautiful!

  4. You will BE a puppy person very shortly! They have a way of winning you over. I like the idea of Snoop Dogg/Dr. Drea – hehe, but maybe not so on the nose? How do you feel about Calvin? (That's Snoop Dogg's real name.) Can't wait to see the upcoming pics!

  5. ahh! so cute!
    but please not slash, it's british slang for going for a pee, and is often used late at night, ie, a guy leaving a pub says "mate, i've got to go for a slash!"
    i met a puppy named pizza party the other day – is this a trend? so cute.

  6. Oh he is absolutely adorable. I spent time with two puppies yesterday, all this is making me think I need one of my very own. If I ever have a cute little doggy I shall call him Digby. You're welcome to use the name in the meantime. CJ xx

  7. cuuuuute puppy! we have been thinking about getting foxy a friend too. i think his name should be mocs 🙂

  8. It looks like it's always a wonderful time with you and your children. Aaaaand you're getting a new puppy. That's awesome!!! If I would get another puppy I might probably name him/her Oz. 😀 I think it's such a cool name! 😀

    -Colet @