first beach trip with the dog. we all had a great time. we all left hangry. 

first bike ride. she makes sure to tell everyone she chose “a neon green bike!” 

a much needed, much loved date night with alex. he deserves an award this week taking care of me, kiddo, and the still not potty trained pup. 

only safe place to hula hoop with a new puppy. 

here’s something about me: i love organizing other peoples homes. I organized all my friends rooms as a child (mostly lisa’s mess) and I’ll still offer to do it now. Drea’s organizing and design at your service. your welcome steph— thanks for the pizza payment. 
(now if only i moved the towel out of the picture)

cuddle lovers.

cutie patooty. 
her clips are from here. romper here

french fry dates are very important in life. they were a tradition with my mom and now we have them a lot together— and usually, but not always with laura. 

new stage lately: doesn’t want daddy to leave. sorry kiddo.

lucky night. he was out early. she was up late. 

I’m (puppy) exhausted. she’s super hip.

sleep in late forever. 



worth sharing twice.
ruff day. 

I found this post half completed from a few weeks to over a month ago— but they were worth sharing <3


  1. Slightly jealous that you're still in summer clothes. I always love fall, but with snow on the agenda for Halloween, I'm missing the warmer weather!

  2. Sometimes I feel like you do these posts for me, Drea. Caught up in many things outside the web, I'm coming here and get your life in pictures from days or weeks ago. Thank you!
    And the new pup is adorable, potty trained or not. xxx

  3. love this group of photos. your suit is so cute. your puppy, the cutest. i offer my organizing skills, too. 😉

  4. Oh that last picture, he's divine. Love Marlowe's Coconut Farm, and Steph's room is gorgeous. You've made me crave french fries now. CJ xx

  5. love that cuddle picture. Finley is such a cuddler too- Marlowe gives me hope that he will stay that way 🙂 xo