sun! what feels like a rarity these days. 


popular lady. so many FaceTime calls.

the girl doesn’t eat cake, but she does love waffles— covered in whipped cream, strawberries, and dark chocolate shavings. (yum)

worth documenting: alex taking a picture this year. 

on her way to her really amazing, super wonderful surprise…… that she could careless about. 

“art projects”

and more art projects

because sometimes the store is out of regular balloons— so you make balloon animals. 

that’s three— she’s four. 

rainy evenings and easy dinners of peanut butter and jelly. 

It’s crazy that four years with the little girl has gone by. We didn’t throw a big party this year— and hardly even a little one– but we have had a full week full of little events and moments to celebrate her. Her actual birthday day was a quiet and rainy one. We woke up, made one of her favorite breakfast, and did some coloring before heading out to get “her big surprise”— a new bike. There wasn’t an overjoyed kiddo, or even a really amused kiddo— in fact she asked if we could go to the art store and buy more art projects instead of the bike. We said we could absolutely do that if thats what she wanted. We debated for a few moments, went through the options and in the end she decided on a neon blue and green bike— a surprise to both Alex and I— but she was certain, not the pink, she wanted the green and blue. We came home as the afternoon rain started coming in, Alex left for work and Marlowe and I spent the rest of the day doing her favorite thing (more art projects) before we had a few guests come by with cookies and artwork. We skipped all proper meals that day, skipped baths, skipped cleaning, and just spent the quiet day doing what she loves best. 
She’s changed a lot this week. Probably in part due to growing and part due to mimicking her friends more. Some things have been wonderful, some are an adjustment of her more outgoing personality. This week her hair is longer, her legs are longer, and she wants to cuddle more. I think it’s pretty wonderful. 
Happy fourth birthday, Marlowe Paloma! We’re lucky to you in our lives. 


  1. Oh my goodness, what an absolutely marvelous birthday! She must have felt like a little princess all day long.

  2. Happy Birthday Marlowe. My birthday today too. It looks like she had an excellent day. I did too, quiet but good, the very best kind. CJ xx

  3. Loving that you got a photo of her holding up the wrong number of fingers. 🙂 I remember that always being the hardest thing to remember at those youngest birthdays!