Hey guys! Do you remember Hannah? You might remember hearing about her from such posts as “apparently we hula hoop” or you might have seen a few snippets of her being a camera in some of my cookbook posts! Well, Hannah, like Emily and myself is a big lover of all things natural and many things homemade. I was lucky enough to meet her thanks to my cookbook project (thanks for reaching out, hannah!!)  and well, she’s pretty cool, lives right near by, and she’s got two adorable little boys to boot. Basically, I love the internet and all the cool people I get to meet from it.
I’m happy to say that you’ll be seeing a few natural living diy’s from her over here from time to time 🙂 I’m excited for it and I hope you are too! Also, if you are local, and you’re looking for a good family and lifestyle photographer, she’s a gem. Check out her website: HERE!

As a mom of two adventurous boys, I see my fair share of “boo-boos”. When I was growing up, drugstore-variety antibiotic ointment was the go-to. It wasn’t until I became a mom and read some questionable things about petroleum jelly that I thought to question it.
This year I’ve made it a goal to replace what was left of our over-the-counter medicine cabinet staples with natural alternatives. I began looking for a way to treat everyday wounds, and learned of an essential oil trio that helps prevent infection, ease the pain, and speed healing. Lavender, frankincense, and a blend called purification (made by Young Living- you can read more about them here).

Cuts &Scrapes blend

You’ll need:
10ml glass roller bottle
fractionated coconut oil
3 drops each of the above oils (lavender, purification, frankincense)

How to:

Combine coconut oil, essential oil in roller bottle, mix and apply. We use it 1-2 times a day for the first couple days, and then once a day until everything seems to be well on it’s way to healing.

My boys now ask for oil for every tiny scrape, and of course want to apply it themselves.


Author & photographs by Hannah Mayo exclusively for ohdeardrea. To see more of Hannah’s photography click HERE to learn more about essential oils from Hannah click HERE.
I am an independent distributor of Young Living. Find out more about the oils I use and how to purchase them here.These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, please DO NOT STOP.
This info is for learning purposes only. I’m not a medical professional, just simply sharing what has worked for my family, and I connote promise any specific results. I encourage you to do your research and discuss any changes to your healthcare routine with a trusted healthcare practitioner.


  1. Wha..?? A roller bottle?! I love oils, and it will be so much more fun for the kids this way!

  2. This weekend I finally bought arrowroot powder so that I could make your recipe(?) for deodorant but I subbed almond oil instead of eucalyptus oil because the latter was way too expensive. I have zero knowledge of essential oils so I googled a bit once I was home and apparently eucalyptus oil triggers seizures! My son just started getting them two months ago so I was really glad eucalyptus oil costs an arm and a leg otherwise I probably would have bought it and not researched right away.

    On the plus side though I saw which oils were good for seizures and other homeopathic ways to treat plus a diet (ketogenic) that was used before anti-convulsant drugs were created that was really effective in controlling seizures (which of course, was never mentioned while he was at the hospital. I'm going to see his doctor this friday to get her opinion on everything.

    • Hey grace! I think you have your oils mixed up a bit! Well, you're right in that some studies do state that eucalyptus oil has caused seizures, but to those who already have epilepsy. Like any medication or at home remedy (or anything you put on or in your skin in general) you need to make sure it's right for YOU and your body.
      The essential oil added in the deodorant recipe is to add a scent to the product, and not for anything else. And like everything you buy or use, you always have to be sure to buy safe and natural products— not all essential oils are created equal (and not all essential oils work the same for everyone).
      For adding in almond oil, I'm sure that's fine, but it's not really necessary— it's just another carrier oil/alternative. It would be more for subbing out coconut oil, not an essential oil. You might have noticed a big price difference between almond oil and eucalyptus essential oil because they are two completely different products with two completely different uses.
      Also, I'm not sure where you looked or what brand you looked at, but eucalyptus oil general runs under 10$, while a higher grade, pure one shouldn't cost you more than 20$. Either way, I'm glad you looked into it and I hope the doctor can give you some good insight and relief with your son! <3

    • you're right I did just add an extra oil, I guess it just made it smell sweeter lol. I guess since I grew up with my mom pushing natural alternatives before she turned to western medicine I have this idea that it'll either work or not but it doesn't do any harm.
      I've never had sensitivies or allergies and my husband and kids are the same, my sons seizures are a totally new thing (he's almost 3 and he just started getting them in august) so it's a new thing for us to be cautious over. I never would have thought an oil could hurt….but I also learned that quite a few help!