So, I’m sitting here on this fine sunday evening— and even though, I’ll admit, I may be sweating a bit, it feels like fall here in the subtropics. Today is the first day this season that we could open up our house, sit outside, and take in a cool(ish) fall breeze. I’ve said it before, but I imagine this is what northerners feel when spring hits. This is my spring— my time to embrace the season change and feel the newer air that comes with it. I swear, the air even smells different. I’m not sure why, but the cooler air has always reminded my of my paternal grandparents. They’ve both passed now, but there’s something about this air that makes me remember my days with them. I’m grateful for it. I’m sure the heat will be back sooner rather than later (and I mean, this week, not next season), but for now, I’m keeping the windows open as long as I possibly can (and maybe skipping the use of the oven too). 

These pictures were from a very sweaty visit to the botanical garden a week or two ago. We’ve been picking up plants here and there for our garden. I have a whole folder of photos filled with images of our changing backyard space— many photos that Alex actually took with his time outside with Marlowe. Our space isn’t finished—- (I actually have a post about our never finished space coming up), but it’s still pretty wonderful. It’s always a bit amusing to me how different our climate is from the rest of north american (maybe with the exception of you, SoCal), but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Cheers to fall and winter. 


  1. which botanical garden is this? I live in the area and I'm always looking for pretty gardens and parks to explore

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I so wish I had your weather here. Can't wait to move to Florida… 2.5 years to go!

  3. How lovely the botanical garden looks. I've never seen a star fruit growing before. It's so nice to hear about the seasons in your part of the world – so very different from here in SW England. I do love to see the constant beautiful green. As you open your windows, we are closing ours. CJ xx

  4. It's already down to freezing weather up here in Minnesota…I would love to have some sunshine again! Beautiful pictures, drea 🙂 Enjoy your "fall"!
    ~ Samantha

    • I've never been to Minnesota– but I do know its gets pretty intensely chilly up there! Time for cocoa.

  5. our windows are closed. our windows were closed all day. i don't know what you're talking about. you're crazy.

    • it's warm again. not hot yet, but warm. It got down to 68 on saturday morning though! it warmed up during the day but then was super cool at night again! And you weren't home to keep the windows open all day, missy.

  6. Right that's it, I'm moving to your neck of the woods! Oh what I wouldn't give for non stop tropical weather. It's spring here right now and we're just having one storm after another. It's cold and windy, and quite frankly it's putting me in a bit of a scratchy mood! So thank you for providing little snippets of escapism :).

    • well, we do have crazy storms everyday—a cut ally this has been the rainiest summer yet— but hoping for a clear sunny winter— crossing a lll the fingers and toes.