Before we start, let me tell you how funny this little girl is. About 5 minutes into every meal she says to me, “mama! I thought you were supposed to take pictures!” then she lets out a big laugh and says “you forgot. You’re so funny!!” So pretty much at this point, that means, you can 100% thank Marlowe for these posts—- if it weren’t for her reminding me, I would only be sharing maybe two meals a week— luckily, she is on top of things! Good job, kiddo!

bean quesadilla. still our favorite easiest, quick snack/pre-dinner meal ever. If we happened to have leftover fake vegan cheese from some quick dish that week, we use that, otherwise we use cashew cheese, nutritional yeast, or even leftover mac and cheese sauce. Gotta use those leftovers when you can!

Not really a picture of food, but I thought I should mention, 9 times out of 10, the kid has shredded cereal for breakfast— and then about 10 fruits. Okay, exaggeration, but usually at least two fruits for breakfast.

What I like to call “throw all the scrap veggies into the pot, to create a nice little chowder like dish.” I started making a corn, potato, and tempeh chowder (recipe will be in book) and realized, I had a quarter of the amount of corn I needed, so I went in the fridge and grabbed a carton of mushrooms— then I realized there was some cut sweet potatoes, a few leftover peas, and whatever else— so I added those in there too. It worked fine enough. Would I add this variation to the book? No, but it was dine enough for us to eat, feel full, and fed.

green pasta! one of our favorites.

a few moments later, she has her hair up and is asking me to take a picture of her green face.

veggie & tofu fried rice.
(Missing the tofu– because a certain someone picked it all out and ate it as quick as possible.)

green soup.
(&piles of boxes in the background)

easy easy days calls for cauliflower mashed potatoes, peas and corn.
not pictured: half a can of chickpeas she couldn’t wait for.

sun dried tomato & greens pasta.

hey. ps. I want to mention, this post is from 1.5-2 weeks ago. maybe. but this past 5-7 days, has been a real pain in the butt. Not just with food, but with all things that involve listening and life. She’ll eat a certain meal one day (lets say the fried rice) but won’t eat it again (a practically identical meal) three days later. Like I said, I always want to be completely up front in this thing– but I wanted to mention, this post^^ was good, no problems. The following days were difficult on all kinds of fronts. We’re still chugging forward though…..hopefully 😉


  1. She's so cool. My goal is to get my son to eat like that when he starts eating solids. I never ate any of those things growing up, chickpeas? I thought they were disgusting until about high school simply because I had never had them before, I want to make sure my son at least tries everything.

  2. Lovely ideas! I hear you on the wishy-washy behavior. I have a 3.4 year old who loved squash and boar pasta (yeah, not vegan, but the boar was hunted by a family member!) but wouldn't touch it the next day. Wha? Anyway, I like your idea to take leftovers and throw them into a quesadilla!

  3. My middle boy loves things one day and doesn't like them three days later as well. It drives me nuts. I tell him he has to at least like something else in its place. There are some lovely looking dishes there Drea. CJ xx

  4. Yum, yum, yum, and YUM! I wish I could eat as well as Marlow does! Maybe after graduation…when I actually have a kitchen and not just a microwave 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  5. She is such a rockstar eater. My vegan kid is super wishy washy. One week she loves something and can't get enough and then she won't eat that thing for like a month. The only things that always win are tofu, fruit, and nut butter.