We’ve been working hard for our garden— and our garden has been working hard for us 😉 Last season was a bit more difficult, in that we had to start completely fresh— literally— ripping up everything and starting from the ground up— but this year, with our beds already in place and most of the dirt already in the ground, it’s been a nice and easy adventure to grow this space.  This year, we’ve been able to give a bit more attention to other parts of the yard and adding more colorful details and fun projects– while our garden does the majority of the work for us. We still do have beds to fill and seedlings to plant— and we planted some tomatoes last week, but so far, the garden has been sprouting up and producing some decent goods with little to no trouble. It’s been pretty nice.
Addmitedly, this post is sort of more boring than I planned. I mean, if you like looking at pretty garden pictures, (I’m biased, but) it’s pretty nice. And it could provide some garden inspiration for next season— especially if you happen to be stuck in snow— but again, only if you like garden photos and projects— otherwise, I don’t know, man. I just don’t know!
Also, let me start, this image above has nothing to do with anything^^^ Other than the fact that hannah took this at some point, maybe for the first round of family photos she did for the cookbook? And I love it. Sorry for the too short bangs, M– but I love it.

and ps. if you ever need cuban oregano, please come to us! We’ve actually started using this as ground covering/landscaping in a lot of places– it grows like crazy! And it’s delicious in meals! Free cuban oregano for everyone.

The first thing we did this season was start ripping up some of the old stuff— like pulling up the sweet potatoes. It was our first time growing sweet potatoes—- they grew— and we ate them, but none of of us love sweet potatoes, so it took up a bit more space and time* than we wanted. We also ripped up the extra basil and other things in the bed behind a wind blown marlowe.
*growing time, not work time.


and shortly after…

Both Alex and Marlowe successfully planted a lot of salad greens, a few other larger greens, cucumbers, and herbs. We’ve learned this second time around, swiss chard is still not our friend.
side note: the words “second time around“— what do they make you think of? Any Step By Step fans out there? No? Okay…

I was sad to see our sunflowers go– alex promises he planted some in the middle of this bed— but these beans have been delicious.
ps. thats a fake annoyed kid. She’s “mad” because I took away the phone and she could no longer take a selfie. Sorry kid.


For months now, with no reason other than sheer laziness, we’ve been holding back on spray painting our furniture. I should probably remind you guys— we found the dining set under the mess that was the before. I mean, there were no signs of any life under a completely overgrown pergola! I found not just a dining set– but very obviously unused lawn equipment too… and a yoga ball… and a lawn chair.  We had no reason to get rid of it, and hey, I love finding stuff to keep, so this was a win. We finally painted the set white— and it looks much cleaner and brighter back there. Alex also built a potting bench/table with the extra scrap wood we had laying around— then we painted it pink. Not because we love pink (though one of the three of us obviously does) but because it was the only leftover paint we had (I got it for our bathroom makeover and never ended up using the lighter pink). Then I added a curtain.

So no, this isn’t the exciting post I hoped or dreamed it would be, but even still, I’m pretty pleased with our little changes. We’re hopefully hanging lights some time this week— if not then next week. We still plan on making more stones for our side yard. We’re also discussing things like sparkle parties and where to plant bananas—- you know important things. Alex getting sick this week along with this chilly weather kind threw me for a loop— but I’m hoping for some more fun future posts this week— or helpful ones— or colorful ones— or really any kind of post that doesn’t mention the TGIF show Step By Step. We’ll see.  Either way, happy wednesday, friends! Hope this chilly week has been treating you kindly 🙂


  1. I love everything about your yard!! Where is that hammock from? My daughter (ok, I) would love that..

  2. I find this post very exciting. the gardening potential is one of the best things about living in Florida, IMHO 🙂

  3. I'm a big fan of your garden- tons of inspiration for next year- and those bangs! Shortie bangs are adorable. 🙂

  4. I cannot wait to get started on our garden though we are still in the 'attack the house' mode. Ours was so bad we went backwards for 3 months before making any progress (previous owners were hoarders and cat lovers). But… we are getting there slowly. I keep filing these garden posts for future inspiration.

  5. I loved this post! and I'm curious about the Cuban oregano. The leaves are so big! and how do you eat it? I really only know how to use cilantro and parsley. I've been branching out with my herb garden, but don't really know how to use the stuff! I'd love to hear more of the tie in between growing herbs and actually using them!

    • we mince it up and use it as we would traditional oregano! Oregano is my favorite herb— so I use it in a lot of things! I do plan on sharing more about herbs in the next few months though 🙂

  6. Oh wow you're incredible. I have a huuuuuge backyard with zero going on if you want to come make it beautiful like yours 🙂 Haha but seriously congrats on being awesome

  7. Ha! Send some of that cuban oregano my way. I am in fort lauderdale and just started my garden (a little late). Have you ever tried to grow garlic before?

  8. You've worked wonders out there. Your post about all of the had work you put in clearing the garden was one of my favourites, along with one of my favourite photos. So great to see what an amazingly pretty and productive space you've made. I really like the plant covered seating area, a perfect little hideaway. I'm curious about when you plant things, and how your seasons work. Here in England the planting of most things is done in spring – March – May, but I guess your summers are too hot for some things, hence planting tomatoes now. I'm guessing your day length is fairly similar the whole year long, so I assume you can pretty much grow things when you want unless it's too hot. Thanks for another lovely post, I'm really enjoying your garden writings. CJ xx

  9. "step by step, day by day….blah blah blah, blahdy-blah blah…" you def are not alone there!

  10. Oh, it all looks so lovely and lush and edible. Hard work and patience I'm sure, but so worth the rewards, right? (: