Like I mentioned last week (in the worlds longest question and answer), I want to start answering more of your questions here in this space. I always answer— but, you know, this is fun— and hopefully it’ll help to answer some of the random questions you may have too. In general I do always recommend to check out the about/faq section first— because a lot of the questions I get already have answers there 🙂 
-is it often that people talk to you on the street, because of your blog?
Actually sort of. Lately, it’s been very often. Typically, I usually find that people will message me after seeing me— to tell me they saw me, instead of saying hi to me in person— which as a pubically shy person, I totally get this 😉
-what do you do and think about all the plastic? (coffee to go, etc)
It kind of bums me out. I mentioned this before, but in college I took a sustainability course where I learned 90% of the words trash was packaging! Granted this was ten years ago, but still, I doubt the number hasn’t changed much. Does that mean I won’t get a to go up or a bottle from time to time? No, if I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty, but I do make it a point to save the bottle until I can find a recycling unit— even if that means Im dragging an empty bottle all the way back home, haha!
-how old are you?
29, but I tell people I’m 30— might as well get it out of the way now.
-does Marlowe go to kindergarden?
not yet. I’ve been asked a few times about Marlowe and the whole kindergarten thing. We’re figuring it out still. For now, her birthday falls in that weird late period where she’s going to have to wait an extra year for school. She’s bummed about it. I’m okay with it.

-where are Marlowe’s colorful blocks from?
she has a couple different sets of blocks, but THESE are her most colorful ones. (And I actually ordered her more for christmas! THIS set. Shh!)

-where is the swing chair from?
I got mine on sale— with an additional clearance, because it was missing a piece, but you can find it HERE— or an even prettier one HERE. Or I love THIS white one.
-I would love a post on artwork and how you find pieces. we have such sad, bare walls and I can never find things I both love and can afford. 
maybe I can put together a post in the future of some favorite pieces I’ve found throughout the web— but in the meantime I think the best places to buy (mostly) inexpensive art are: through traveling, thrift stores (yes, really), or making them yourself/having friends make them!
-where do you buy your home decor?
Until recently, most big furniture pieces were thrifted. Now I have my two fancy couches I got on sale, with an additional clearance. If you’re curious where a certain piece is from, the best thing you can do is check out my HOME section and click the room you want. I include all the links at the end of each post. I’m going to be doing an updated living room tour in the next week. I’ve also added a new page to my blog where I’ll add some of my favorite home pieces I stumble on. 
-hows jerry handling the new puppy?
very well! surprisingly….. jerry has a very intense napoleon complex— but he seems to do well with baby animals and animals we careful introduce him to. I think the biggest problem now is that they wrestle a lot— and I’m scared for both their backs! Jerry has already had major back issues and was put on bed rest for three months— he’s a super old man. But he seems happy and has a new moving, warm blanket that sits on top of him every chance he gets.
-where’s the hammock chair from?
amazon. it’s THIS one.
-what kind of flooring do you have?
terrazzo in the bedroom. laminate throughout the rest of the house— there’s probably still terrazzo under that too.
-I’m curious about the Cuban oregano. The leaves are so big! and how do you eat it? I’d love to hear more of the tie in between growing herbs and actually using them!
We use it as we would use your typical oregano: chop it up and use it to add flavors to our dishes. It tastes very similar, but with a heartier texture. And yes, I plan on focusing more about herbs and garden produce in general soon!

-my family and I travel full time in our airstream and we just made it to Florida today and the bugs are out of control. We’ll be here for the next couple of months touring around and I think I might mentally loose it if I don’t find something effective. I don’t want to slather my kids with deet, so I’m hoping you’re going to tell me THIS RECIPE kicks ass so I can go buy all the ingredients. I’m sure you wouldn’t have posted it if it didn’t work. I’m just looking for a little advice from a Florida girl like yourself. Is the natural way effective?
Yep! We absolutely use our natural bug spray and love it. You may have to reapply more than tradition bug spray— maybe? but it does help keep the bugs away! 
the india trip: is there anything you’ve bought or prepared already?
A pair of pants! haha. Other than that: I’m filling out forms for my visa this week and also currently debating between a non stop flight or a mid way layover—- all while mentally preparing myself about the time away and the long flights. That’s it so far though— I’m a last minute girl for everything 🙂
-what advice do you have for gatherings and events as a vegan? Do you make and bring your own food? Do people usually give you a hard time? 
I actually get this question a lot. It really depends on the event. If the event/holiday revolves around a meal/sit down dinner, I offer to bring at least one big vegan friendly dish that I think everyone would love and that Im guaranteed to get full on. I usually recommend this stew since it’s hearty, great for all seasons, and travels well. I haven’t had any problems with it so far– typically these sort of things happen with friends and family anyway, right? I think the only one who gives me a hard time is my dad— who then offers me a glass of “vegan water”
-you’re a consistent blogger with so many ideas on how to entertain your readers. But is there anything that you could say about blogging that you’ve learnt along the way that really helped you grow your blog?
Besides consistency, I think it’s super important to just be the most genuine version of yourself you can be. I think a lot of times people just try to mimic these pinterest perfect images they find and lose themselves along the way. Personally, if I wanted to see pinterest perfect images, I’d look at pinterest. The personal blogs I enjoy following are… well… personal—real people.
-I have been personally doing a fashion blog for over a year now and just wanted to ask you some questions or what suggestions you have!?  Was wondering what techniques you use to get such a heavy traffic coming thru and how you got your blog so well known!? 
Suggestions: be authentic, be consistent, have fun. Techniques is a funny word, because it makes it seems thought out and planned— and while I’m sure people do that, there wasn’t any tactics over here. I kept up with my space (again, consistency) and kept moving forward. No careful planning, no strategizing, just lots of blogging and happy people sharing.
-how did you go about getting started networking your blog, finding sponsors, approaching bigger companies?
Networking: not sure. Finding sponsors, well you can check out THIS POST from 2012. I used to do this once a month or every few months as an open call for people who might want to purchase an ad space on the blog. Now I just offer an advertise page at the top where people can purchase their ad spaces if they want— or request more information on sponsored posts. For approaching companies— only this year when chatting with another blogger did I realize that people actually did that! Personally, I think it’s a bit more work than it’s worth most of the time. I prefer to wait for companies to contact me and then I can decide if it’s a good fit for myself and for my readers.
-what type of template are you using for your layout?
It’s the basic template in blogger, with the HTML tweaked to my liking. I’m in the process of making a few changes though— and debating on a platform change– though really, I’m more of a “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it girl” so it’ll probably stay the exact same with new images. 

Speaking of lots of questions…..I was on a few other awesome sites this week! You can check out a home tour and interview I did with Design Mom. Also, another home tour and interview with The Glitter Guide. And a more mama focused interview for The Mama Circle.
PS. Thanksgiving is just a few short days away. Need some last minute vegan holiday recipes? Check out this vegan thanksgiving post with EIGHT recipes to share and love! Alex is working on thanksgiving so we’re getting together with his family on wednesday. Then hopefully M and I will see my family on thursday before heading over to Laura’s for a vegan thanksgiving. Mmmmm, vegan thanksgiving.

Phew, that was a lot of questions! I hope everyone is having an awesome week! I heard a lot of you guys might get snow! I hope you prepare with hot cocoa 🙂 Happy monday/tuesday/whatever day you read this! Hooray!

*top image by hannah mayo. 


    • ahhhh! I can't believe I forgot that question haha! honestly, I'm not sure! There's def. no exact date. I've turned in the manuscript, the recipes, the pictures— now it's in editing. Sometime next late summer/early fall— it's a LONG process. womp.