wind &hair working against me. 

she’s got some cute stuffed animals. 

color vibes. 

avocado coming to life. 

dog hangouts. 

pre-dance goodbyes. 

the coolest gardening chick around. 

he’s pretty much popping his head into just about everything we’re doing these days. 

how long does it usually take for owners to look like their dogs?
side note: marlowe totally refers to alex and the dogs as, “the boys”

maybe one of my favorite drawings she’s done. 

worlds biggest fruit // cool enough for boots… and pants! 

so close, waylon. 

she wanted a picture /// waylon overdose post. 
There seems to be a trend of excessive feet and waylon photos this week. I mean, there’s always been an excess of feet photos, but the mutt too. It’s life I guess 😉


  1. Drea, Do you have your avocado just sitting down in the glass? No toothpicks? I'm just wondering because everywhere I've read says not to do that because the seed will get moldy, but every time I have tried my seed doesn't sprout, except once it did, but it was months! How long have you been growing this one?

    • yes! you're right though, you're supposed to use toothpicks– or thats whats traditionally recommended anyway. We did change out the water a bit– so it worked fine! This one was maybe a few weeks old? I really have no idea I'm THE WORST when it comes to any sort of time line.

    • well I think I'll try it without toothpicks this time and just change the water out often like you did. Of course being in Ohio I'll never be able to eventually plant it outside and I've heard that they don't bear as much fruit indoors but I reckon it's worth a try anyway!!!

      Thanks for all the replies!!! You're such a doll!!!!

  2. Hi I just found you from Design Mom and I just have to say I love what you're doing in this space. I'm a big fan. IG@orbysea

  3. You can never post too many dog photos in my opinion 🙂 Waylon and Jerry on the couch are so cute.

  4. That avocado plant and Marlowe in her gardening finest. {heart eyes} I feel inspired to tackle our new backyard when we close on our new home next week.

  5. No such thing as too much Waylon. I love the picture of him with Alex, your words made me laugh out loud. And the picture of him almost in his basket. Those ears! Honestly, I'd get a dog like that today if I could, he is utterly irresistible. CJ xx

  6. Alex does look like the puppy!!! (or vice versa??) That's too funny!
    I love these posts of yours 🙂 I think it's so important that we look back on our recent lives and take the time to appreciate the little things that have put a smile on our face 🙂 That's why I do Tuesday Tops! Thanks for posting!
    ~ Samantha

  7. First of all that huge fruit is really messing with my trypophobia haha What is it? Her dance outfit looks so adorable I wish I could see all of it! And her gardening outfit!!!!! LOVE!

    • Hi drea,
      Seems like you lika tropical fruits. Have you ever gone to Indonesia? You should try gudeg, a dish made from raw jackfruit, cooked with coconut milk, etc. Or you should search the recipe and make it someday.

      Love from Indonesia 🙂

    • henik, no! But it's on the one day list for sure! I will absolutely look up gudeg! Thank you for the tip!