Our family has had the great pleasure of teaming up with Blue Apron again this winter-ish season. We really loved them the last time we tried a box (or two boxes really) and it’s been a just as delicious experience trying them again. So let me start with: if you haven’t heard of Blue Apron yet, it’s a meal delivery service that brings healthy and fresh ingredients for weekly meals straight to your door. Everything is exactly portioned out, so there’s no extra waste or food that goes unused. You have exactly what you need for the week to make (really delicious) meals for you and your family at home, no chef apron or magic skills required.
So, for us, people who already love to cook—  we’re not exactly newbies in the kitchen, Blue Apron is great to bring new fresh ideas to our home. Sure, we absolutely love the simplicity of directions and the ease of requiring little to no tools (just a knife and cutting board mostly), but what we really love is the convenience of a box coming to the door, while knowing our food is fresh, unprocessed, and good for us (unlike most takeout food). But more than that, I like that it’s fun to bring new recipes into our daily home cooking rotation. We have our everyday staples (we LOVE our staples), but sometimes it’s REALLY nice to bring in a new dish into the rotation and not have to over think anything or wonder if we have all the right ingredients required.

Alex and I both agreed, that while we loved our box the first time (this past summer), each recipe we’ve tried since then is better than the last. We’ve tried the white chili first (pictured here) since it was a dark chilly day (chili day, get it?),  but a few days later we tried a roasted cauliflower salad that was AMAZING. We’ll definitely be adding that idea into our hearty salad rotation— even Marlowe was obsessed. Thanks to the salad, she has now been introduced to freekeh and is in love. You can check out a whole list of Blue Apron recipes too.

Interested in trying it out? The first 50 ohdeardrea readers who sign up receive TWO FREE MEALS on their first Blue Apron order! Click HERE to order.

ps. The holidays are coming up (obviously!), Blue Apron makes a great gift option— you could even pair a box with items from the Blue Apron store filled with products and cookware 🙂

Happy eating, friends 😉