This will come to a surprise to just about no one— but we’re not exactly *family photo* type of people. I mean we take a million and a half photos— or I do, all candid, but thats about it. Depending on Marlowe’s mood, she can be pretty good at the ‘smile for photos’ thing– but Alex and I? Well, we could use some work. But not surprisingly we’ve done our fair share of family photos for one thing or another this year! Mostly cookbook photos, but also for a few tour-type-things too. On this particular day (we were taking photos for the glitter guide), I got a “hey I’m proud of you” from Hannah, because for the first time I did not uncomfortably cover my face with my hands or some sort of object when the camera came out. I’m usually a duck and cover or “here’s my awkward face” kind of lady. Even with my lack of actual skills, I think I’ll always be more comfortable behind the camera! A loved for posed photos or not— we sort of accidentally ended up with a whole bunch of family photos— and of course, we’re not mad about it 🙂

I like to call this one: I’m the only smart one who put on sunglasses on to sit outside on a terribly sunny day. CHEESE!

You’ll be seeing a good amount of family photos from us this month. Hope that’s okay 😉 It wont be an all the time thing of course, that’s not really fitting for our vibe. But for now, I’m pretty happy to have some photos to capture our life, our family, and our home. I’m proud of our little family not only coming together, but thriving together. This has been a good thing.
How was everyones holiday week by the way? Alex worked on thanksgiving, but we had ourselves a midnight date night on saturday  like the good ole’ days. Its been a good week here. I’m working my mind grapes hard for big projects I want to do. I picked up a few books to read— hopefully that will happen soon! 🙂 And I’m hoping that sometime in the chaos of this season, Alex and I can get a staycation away together—- since Marlowe and I actually have a girls trip planned coming up! Happy December, friends! I hope this last month of the year treats you well!

photos by hannah mayo photography


  1. These are gorgeous family photos! The exact type of non-posing shots that I like seeing for family portraits. You all look like you're in your natural element and enjoying the moment! 🙂

    Lauren / And Together We

  2. Love these! And I love that you are just in your home, looking natural. That isn't done enough!! I wish I could take indoor portraits that well… your photographer is amazing 🙂

  3. I think the one of you two on the couch and M making a ridiculous face is my favorite 🙂 You're such a lovely family and everyone looks so happy!!!
    ~ Samantha

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures, ones to be treasured. Wishing you a lovely December too Drea. CJ xx

  5. Oh and I also love the new look on here! Super cute! I'll probably email you again one of these days about your page tabs. They are soooo cute!!!

  6. I love these Drea!!! Its amazing how much Marlowe looks like Alex! She's such a little cutie! Oh, and I'm jealous of your hair and your warm winters!!!

  7. Awww aww Aww indeed! These are so sweet to have, and nothing wrong with capturing some memories and moments, I know some people cringe at photo overdoses but it's soo nice to look back on years later!!

  8. These are amazing! I love how they captured every day life!! Love!!