I know you’ve mentioned that you are not a fan of the “baby stage” and so I’m wondering if you have any tips on getting through it?
wine, friends, trashy tv, deep breathing, and cookies. Really— no. The stage is short-ish, it can be tough for some of us (me me me), but like anything else it passes and then babies grow into really awesome toddlers and life is magic again. (sorry if I offend anyone who loves babies— I do understand you, I’m just not one of you).
Any tips on teaching him how to clean up?
I mentioned it in my tip cleaning post— but really: consistency– and keeping everything in the right place. Make it a priority to have kids put things away everyday— even little ones– it doesn’t have to be torturous, just make it a fun clean up game.
Also looking for new ideas on keeping him engaged in age-appropriate “projects” or activities for little ones (1 to 2 years)?
I think it really depends on the kiddo— but it’s pretty hard to keep attention held for very long so young. Not impossible, but hard. And to expect them to entertain themselves safely, isn’t going to happen. I was lucky that in my old place I could pretty much see any part of the house at one given moment– but even then, it’s not like a one or two year old will keep super focused and organized. We did lots of blocks, lots and lots of reading, and simple puzzles.
I was wondering what size le creuset you have?
4.5 quarts. But really, if you’re building your kitchen, I would almost recommend saving up and getting the three piece set. Sort of pricey— but it’ll probably out live you. I’ve had mine for 6+ years or so.

Where is the fern print from?
Found it HERE. (It’s on clearance.)
Can you recommend a good kitchen knife?
We really only keep three knives in our house (alex has a bag full for work though), a pairing knife, a chef knife, and a bread knife. For a chef knife, THIS is a medium priced good one. Looking for a lower priced one? I’d recommend something like THIS— we use and like both brands. I’ve had THIS pairing knife for years and love it. You don’t need a super fancy bread knife. THIS ten buck one will do the trick.
Excuse my candor here, but do you use a Diva Cup? Have you discussed this at all on the blog? Maybe it’s not a question you get asked. But if not, what tampons you use? I have many friends who LOVE the Diva Cup but I’m just not sure I can go there. And I detest Whole Foods tampons, as well as Tampax. Anywhooz, you know what I mean.
I’ve been talking about putting together a huge post on this topic for over a month now! And I’ve had five friends ask me this question this month! Yes, I totally use a diva cup. Emily and I will be talking more about this and a lot of other womanly things in the near future. I wear my eco-friendly kind-of-crunchy menstrual protection (quietly and) proudly. Go team!
Do you rinse the ACV out of your hair or leave it in? I have been leaving mine it. I already always smell like vinegar, so figured I may as well add to that.. But seriously. I was just wondering.
Leave it in! Especially with hard water— if I want it to do anything I have to leave it in. (see full hair post: HERE)

What sort of merit do you give to the claims that therapeutic-grade oils are the only way to go? I feel like I read so much conflicting information regarding this subject. And I think I remember noticing on your oils post that it seems you have a good mix of ones you bought at Whole Foods (or other health stores) and DoTerra (or YL, can’t remember which). Is this just a marketing ploy (not you, the industry)? I have been buying all my oils at WholeFoods and I do not ingest them but we use them topically & in a diffuser. Anyway, wondering what your thoughts are on this.
I’ve wanted to touch on this for a while! I actually haven’t read any of the back and forth discussions on the topic– other than one or two comments on my instagram between two other people– haha- but I’m happy to discuss it! SO! Personally, I think the whole reason people are actually even talking about this is because so many people recently started selling them to make money. Otherwise, this wouldn’t even be a topic at all. Yes, there is the multi-level marketing//pyramid scheme//whatever you want to call it thing going on right now. Does that mean the oils are bad or don’t work? Does that mean you’re being ripped off and the oils are debunk? No, not at all. People have been using oils FOREVER– long before they caught the mass attention of the internet. Essential oils can be great! I personally love essential oils— for a lot of things! Do I sell them? Not through a specific business, but I do use affiliate links within my posts for the oils I personally use (I think I have about 4 or 5 different brands in my bathroom right now). Do I think they will save lives? No, but I do use them— daily for lots of different things. There’s no ploy— I think oils can be pretty wonderful, but like anything else, when used correctly. I don’t research the difference between the different grades of oils, because the only essential oil I actually ingest is oregano oil (100%— not mixed with anything) and I only use one tiny drop when I’m sick (in this recipe). To be completely honest, I personally don’t like to recommend other people to ingest them, because I don’t want anyone to use them improperly and then blame me for something. For people wanting to try essential oils, my best advice is research the specific oils you’re interested in trying— the actual oil, not the brand. And when you do buy essential oils, make sure they really are natural and in their purest form, no matter the brand! Just because oils (or anything else) is natural, doesn’t mean it can’t negatively affect you. We’re all different, please do research and use caution. Want to see more of what I use essential oils for? You can check out my natural living section: HERE or my natural bathroom tour HERE

Is your office chair comfortable?
Yes, definitely. I sit in it an average of 5 to 9 hours a day. No complaints. Though, I should get a foot rest 🙂 

Do you have any recommendations of yoga resources for very…. very… beginners?
Let’s be clear: I’d consider myself a beginner. Yes, I did yoga three times a week for two years, but then I stopped for almost two years and now I can’t manage anything. (I’m the least flexible person you’ll ever meet.)  I have about three posts with a bunch of video links and things for home practice. You can check those out HERE. This time around, I’m going to a studio though. When I have more questions about yoga, I go to my friend Brandy’s site
Pad Thai recipe please?
sure, you just have to wait a bit longer— it’s in the book. (sorry, love you)
When will the cookbook be out?
never. no, just kidding. I’m actually finishing up my last round of edits on the manuscript– which means, I turned it in a few months ago, they went through it and made edits, now it’s my turn again, then it gets sent back one more time. It’s a lonnnnnnng process. I have no specific date since it’s still being put together, but hopefully by next summer/fall the latest? I know, forever. 

In other news, there’s been a bit of a website update! Obviously, nothing crazy. As I mentioned, I planned to make it mostly the same, just a few aesthetic updates (if it’s not broke, don’t fix it). Since Emily has been helping me so much on the site– I thought it would only make sense to also have Emily’s illustrations on the blog. My absolute favorite is the South Florida button! It’s adorable! If you’re looking for someone to help with illustrations, custom portraits, or even creating a website, she’s a good person to go to 🙂 I mean— she’s a bit busy since she’s moving back to florida IN FIVE DAYS, but still, contact her 🙂

As you can see, I’ve rearranged the categories a bit 🙂 If you’re interested, poke around and check it all out! There’s a good amount of older posts I love, that I hope you love too 🙂 Also, if you have recommendations, send them my way. I had one reader message me suggesting I change the site so that only external tabs open on a new page— which I think this is a GREAT suggestion. Unfortunately for me, I forget how I set that up in the first place. I’m working on it. I know a decent amount of HTML, but my mind grapes are fried this week. Computer wiz’s, email me/fix me. I hope you guys like it– and I hope that you guys find the site to be as user friendly as I do! Let me know if you have questions 🙂

Have a really wonderful weekend, friends! I’ll be a busy busy bee— but I can’t complain, I have a lot of good things I’m working on and looking forward to 🙂 Happy friday!

*top image is by hannah mayo photography and a pretty accurate photo description of how I feel right now. Happy, but face-planted. 


  1. I love the changes you made to your site! Also, every time I see the SF button I drool a little… kidding ;P

  2. I appreciate that you answer your reader's questions! It's grand!
    I've seen Le Creuset pots at Marshall's a few times for significantly less so I'll have to keep an eye out for them because I have zero cast iron (eek!)

  3. I ♥️ the new look of your blog!
    Very pretty & fresh.
    I also had a question…
    What kind of moisturizer do you use? I've been looking for one that is as natural as can be and I can't seem to find one that I like… can you point me in the right direction?


  4. Your site is looking lovely, I'm especially happy to see that "Garden" button, I do so love your garden posts. CJ xx

  5. New layout looks great and always love these question/ answer posts. Just I thought for the person asking about Le Creuset pots… keep an eye out at your local second hand shop! We now have FOUR different Le Creuset pans in different sizes and didn't pay more than $15 for any of them. It's crazy what people get rid of sometimes!

    • I've thrifted one pot— it had a few cracks and things in it– but it was definitely worth it 🙂