I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but my mom is in town. Her visits seem less frequent these days– or maybe it’s just that time moves more quickly and it’s been the busiest year I’ve ever had. I can’t and shouldn’t complain about busyness, because I really love being busy, but I think my mom passed that *I’m so busy gene* down to me 😉 I’m working on slowing down time and taking in the moments— and sometimes I’m amazing at it, and sometimes I just can’t figure it out. Sometimes I feel emotions and I wonder if it can come through in the screen, but I know most things really can’t— so if it seems like I’ve been flustered and distant, I guess it’s because I have been 😉 I don’t think I’ve seen her enough (completely my fault), but regardless, we’ve had a great time with my mom here and we’ve all gained a few pounds too. Arepas will do that to you. And so will hispanic mothers in general— oh and hispanic grandmothers are the worst when it comes to portion control. THE WORST. Need to gain weight? Find a hispanic grandmother.
It’ll be hard when my mom leaves. We’ve talked about it this week and it’s agreed, the best goodbyes and the ones that feel like, “see you soons”— luckily for Marlowe, my mom will return in February to help lesson the undeniable upset that will come from my time away. Who will be more upset?—- I’m not sure, but it will happen. As for right now, Marlowe is excited, very excited to know that ‘Abu’ will be here for a “long, long time”— and doesn’t seem to mind (yet), the fact that I’ll be gone for a “long, long time.” I’m happy for all of us that my mom has the opportunity to do this.
I know when my mother moved to the states it was incredibly hard for her to be away from her mother— when phone calls would cost big bucks for each minute and the time on phone cards would always seem to speed up and pass too quickly. So while I miss my mom when she returns home, I’m happy to be able to have her so close. Technology can be weird sometimes but I’m happy it’s made my world smaller to be closer to far away friends and family.
I’ll be back with a delicious pie recipe soon and a mini update on my book too! Soon enough, I’ll be like the hispanic mother trying to feed your bellies 😉 Happy wednesday, friends!ps. I just realized this post is titled “marlowe and abu make areas”– but no where did I discuss them actually making them– oops. They’ve been making them often 🙂


  1. your mom's so pretty. I find it very hard to find an emotional balance with my parents when it comes to saying good bye to them. I hate it when i have to leave or they have to leave me. it's very , very hard. i cry so much

  2. This is so sweet. After losing both of my grandmas (both were Puerto Rican….so many delicious meals), I've been thinking about myself as a future potential parent/grandparent and of my mom as a grandma, too, and how all of that is going to work. The sense of culture and family that I grew up with and what I want to impart to my own kids. Because food is such a huge part of our culture, I've been trying to be mindful of the special dishes my mommy makes so that I can get the recipes down to pass along forever. I absolutely regret not writing down everything my grandmothers put in their food.

  3. YUM give me some of those! And some of that coffee I think I spy in your mug! I am SO excited to hear the mini-update on your cookbook. I can't wait to get my hands on it! I'm not vegan but I absolutely love all of your food posts.

  4. It sounds like you've all had a lovely time together. I'm not familiar with arepas but they look quite delicious. I shall go and google them immediately. CJ xx

  5. I lived in Venezuela for a year and I LOVE arepas!! Recipe, please??!

    Also, didn't know your mom is Hispanic – where is she from??