It’s probably about time for an update, right? We’ve made a few changes since our last living room tour— nothing HUGE, but even the smallest change can make a big impact. And well, realistically, I guess two new couches are sort of big changes! But you know, I really just traded in floral couches for floral couches 😉  We’ve added more plants to our space which as been nice. And we moved the furniture around, but it did make a big difference in the space to make it feel more open, bright, and alive. Oh —- and looking out the windows to see our green garden growing? It doesn’t hurt either 😉

No shortage of dog hair here. Thanks, jerry.

So, we moved the swing chair from the back corner, up to the front of the room. We pulled the smaller back couch forward, and placed a table behind it for plants, garden boots, and a few of marlowe’s art supplies. Back there, we also had enough room to create an art corner for Marlowe.
Our shelves are mostly the same. Maybe a few new books, one or two more lanterns, some plants, and a marlowe print, but otherwise the same. Still shining white– and still grateful I got rid of that awful brown.

We traded in our side elephant table for a nice mexican table thrift store find. The elephant now sits in the guest room/office 🙂


It’s more cozy, isn’t it? I do still miss my yellow couch very much— luckily, the yellow couch is just a few miles away—- and covered in even brighter colored patches. Haha! Exciting right? Eric adopted the couch and his mom patched it up– so the yellow couch lives on! I’m actually very surprised by the amounts of blue that have been added into our home this year— but I still love this space so much. It’s cozy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time 🙂

see the before (and the before-before) HERE
see more room tours HERE

couches (sale +extra sale, cause I win at waiting for furniture sales apparently)
coffee table: curbside find
end table: thrifted
console table behind smaller couch
ottomans / woven hemp rug: homegoods
blue rug
rug under coffee table: travel hand me down from my mom
swing chair (it’s on sale!)
table lamp: hand me down
pillow under waylon
dog pillow on big couch
wooden (marlowe) print

curious about another specific piece? Just ask 🙂

photos by the wonderful: hannah mayo photography


  1. i think your home and lifestyle choices are lovely, and soul-nourishing. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas! I love the large baskets you have your plants in. Where are they from?

  2. all the different prints, patterns and colors mesh so well. i love that you home has so much light and you still incorporate a place for your lil one.

  3. It's such a beautiful room Drea, you have a very good touch. I love the plants that you've added, they really add something. I'm still obsessively in love with Waylon. It's the ears. And the big brown puppy dog eyes. CJ xx

  4. Oh, the light! I love all the green touches around the room, too.

    I'm curious about the child-size furniture. I'm looking for something similar for my daughter – something simple and natural.

  5. The room looks so warm and cozy. Can you tell me where you got the blue welcome sign on the bookshelf? Thanks.

  6. love how it's so comfy and inviting, yet still looking hipster and fun! you make me really excited to have a place of my own to decorate. GREAT JOB!

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