this is pretty much a combination of our three favorite pastas in one. Cause we’re crazy like that. All three will be in cookbook 🙂 

there’s that pad thai again.

tomato soup and grilled cheese. 

baked beans, mac and cheese, and cooked greens— it’s mizuna cooked in a similar fashion to my kale recipe, but cooking time is a lot shorter. 
ps. mac and cheese is interesting with bow ties. I needa go to the store. 


warm roasted cauliflower salad from our box. 

spring rolls—- oh my goodness spring rolls. I think we had these for about 4 meals in a row. It’s a current favorite. Lately I’ve just been putting greens, herbs, carrots, and raw tofu or avocado. yum yum yum! oh, and i don’t even bother frying them anymore— I mean, I want them fried, cause they’re delicious fried, but you know, healthy choices 😉
big fan of tofu noodle soup. 

Happy monday friends!!


  1. It all looks absolutely delicious, lucky girl. I'm a big pizza fan too, it never fails to be scrumptious does it. The tomato soup looks excellent as well, I must make some soon, I do so enjoy it. CJ xx

  2. Everything looks so yummy! I wonder, have you ever put hummus or spicy hummus IN your spring rolls? It's a great vegan alternative to dressing 🙂
    ~ Samantha

  3. mmmm…. pizzzzzza…. Why is pizza the best thing on earth!? Total yumminess! I literally can not wait for your cookbook to come out… That pasta! The Pad Thai! Your blog almost always makes me hungry! lol Marlowe is the sweetest thing! All my son wants to eat is doritos… ugh… Starting them young is most certainly the key! #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow