You know, I used to always be an early, on time, or never kind of girl. Late? Me? Nope. Not ever. But lately I just feel like I’m in a constant battle of catch up. I mean, I think I’m mostly okay with it, I do like procrastination (while making every deadline early), but I’m learning to be less antsy about things needing to so critically early. So here we are— about 3/4’s into January and rounding up last year.

Last year, without a doubt, was the fastest moving year EVER. Seriously, it lapped all other years and then some. It was also one of my busiest years to date. I really packed everything in tight and made room mostly for family, pizza, and sometimes a friend or two. I’m really lucky my friends (and family to, duh) stuck with my this year– I was absent at best most days. I mean, to be quiet honest, I’m the worst with keeping up with calls, texts, Facebook, whatever, but then add on a cookbook, running this show, emails, and everything else— well, lets just say I have the most understanding friends ever.

Last year was good. Good for my family. Good for me. And good for this blog. I am pretty proud of all I accomplished, even if there were days with tears (some friends don’t believe that I can cry– I do— sometimes). I’m happy to move forward into 2015. And so pleased to look back at all the better moments of last year. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite posts— some of your favorite posts– and other random tidbits here and there.

Thanks for being here, friends (real life and blog friends). And thank you, 2014, for being such a good year. I owe you.


a tie with: how to build raised garden beds.
a favorite recipe: pizza dough.


a favorite recipe: cashew cheese! nom nom nom! 
I talked about my skin mustache (it’s good unless I go in the sun, and then it returns) 

my favorite post: this farm day. a dream. I love. 
my second favorite post: COLOR
my third favorite post: simple, flower home. 
a great natural living how to: bug repellent!
a favorite recipe: veggie sandwich love. 

I announced my cookbook
I mosaicked my stairs! &it looks amazing!
we went to the keys.


I announced our india workshop retreat! Only a little over a month away! 
how alex and I cook together— as a vegan and as a pork lover. 

your favorite post: I did a survey. We all loved it. here are the results. 
a picture an hour: the process of writing a cookbook. 
a bedroom tour.
a kitchen tour
a favorite recipe: three summer cocktails.


we had a weekend in miami with some of our favorite people.
marlowe’s room tour.
a dining room tour.
a fourth of july par-tay. 


we went to new orleans and it was awesome! day one / day two / day three/ day four
we went to new york— for about 30 something hours, with marlowe.
we road tripped through new england and it was DELICIOUS.
a super helpful: all natural bathroom touryes, I’m crunchy. whatever.


your favorite post: a natural hair guide/ how to. yes, I wash my hair with vinegar. 
your second favorite post: I reintroduced what marlowe eats.
we went camping (at disney world) 

a favorite recipe: the absolute BEST cold fighter. (you guys loved this one as much as me. hooray!) 
I got a puppy (he’s a giant now)
we had a great miami day. need more of those. now. 

your favorite post that I had MANY requests for: easy tips on keeping a home clean
how to make your own baby food! — there seems to be a major how to trend this month! 
I started doing a weekly post with all your questions and answers— and then forgot about it a month later, but it was good while it lasted. I should pick it up again! 

your favorite post: a living room tour! 
your favorite how to post: tips for international travel.
an indulgent favorite recipe: spiced apple pie
a healthy favorite recipe: callaloo 

&in case you want to scroll back more. you can see my 2013 review: PART ONE // PART TWO 😉

Again, thank you for being part of my life. I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 


  1. It was a good year! You should indeed be very proud of all you have achieved. I loved the post about having a good life on not loads of money (paraphrasing there but you know the one I mean) and I love the photo of you and dear little Waylon with his ear all flopped out. A lovely reminder of some of your very best posts. I have your pizza recipe written in my notebook, I made it the other day, you've reminded me I should do it again soon. Wishing you a 2015 that is every bit as good as 2014, or maybe even better. CJ xx

  2. You did an amazing job! Yours is one of the few blogs I still follow these days and after al these years it's still refreshing and I'm still learning new things! Very much looking forward to your cookbook coming out by the way. x

  3. Thank you so much for this post! What a fun way to review last year. Your life is SO colorful! And so full of accomplishments, healthy things, fun travels, and beautiful members. I'm a long-time reader and can't wait to see what 2015 holds for you!