I wrote about the zoo a few years back– and my thoughts on if it’s vegan or not– and while I had my own opinions on the zoo– I got some pretty amazing insight back from readers. The main thing I learned that was that not all zoos are created equal. With the exception of our zoo, I’m not really a zoo frequenter. And well, later while on a trip up north, visiting a zoo, and seeing the closed concrete pens some medium to large animals were kept in, I learned this was very true. I was used to our zoo— which is lush, green, with wide open spaces– for mostly smaller animals to roam in. I’m biased, but I really like our local zoo. We’re members so we visit often. It’s non-profit. It’s incredibly well designed (do other people notice these things? The layout creates large spaces and the shade trees to hide from the sun are perfect!). And every employee I’ve chatted with is super enthusiastic about the animals the work with. 

Anyway, we had the great pleasure of meeting the Aldabra Tortoise’s at the Palm Beach Zoo this month. At one point, around 1 to 3 years old, Marlowe was OBSESSED with turtles (and tortoise’s too), so for me, this was great to show her these massive animals she once loved so much. It was pretty wonderful. Marlowe’s favorite part was meeting the little one 🙂 My favorite part was watching marlowe so nervous around them— and watching Alex search high and low for fruits throughout the zoo. Haha. He doesn’t come often to the zoo with us, it’s usually just M and I, after he’s off for work— so it was nice having the three of us there. Oh and this is probably only really interesting to me– but I was super excited to learn that the feed the tortoises with foraged plants from the zoo and they are building a garden so they can grow their own organic veggies to feed the animals! (I’m a geek, and I don’t care). High five for organics and sustainability! Side note: speaking of organics, we finally watched Farmageddon on Hulu— it’s definitely worth the watch! 
ps. omg, random zoo side note: our favorite animal, was this one “crazy bird” named Norman. We loved him so much, we would make him squawk on command and he would run up every time he saw us. Well, he moved to North or South Carolina to be with his lady friend a while ago. Marlowe cries every time he’s mentioned now! Poor M, she misses him so much! We miss you, Norman. 
pps. Marlowe could give you a tour of the zoo, no problem. From the coati, to the burmese python, to Satu the Komodo dragon– she knows em all. 
pps. if you checked out my other post on the zoo– thats a completely different zoo. Our local zoo doesn’t have giraffes, elephants, you know the big guys! We’re happy with our small guys 🙂 
check out info on the zoo: HERE 🙂

ppps. I finally got my haircut this week. insert teeth grinding emoji.

How’s your week been going? I feel like I’m finally finding my ground and catching up 🙂 Weee! 


  1. What an amazing creature. We used to go to our local zoo a lot as well when we lived nearby. It's changed beyond recognition from when I was little. It used to be all small concrete pens and big animals – elephants, polar bears and wolves, now the animals have plants and more natural environments and they tend to be smaller creatures, especially endangered species that are kept as part of breeding programmes. I love that your zoo is going to be growing their own organic veggies, it's a brilliant idea. Our local zoo gets through absolutely mountains of fruit and veg. Glad you enjoy visiting there so much, it sounds like a lovely place to spend an afternoon. CJ xx

  2. Lovely photos!
    Marlowe looks adorable whilst meeting the tortoise.
    And I know how you feel about cutting your hair. I feel the same way!

    <3 Elizabeth

  3. Tortoises are so neat, I think it's awesome that they're so "prehistoric" looking and can live for such a long time! Also, woohoo for haircuts! Still long or did you go short again?
    ~ Samantha