I’m adjusting to life back home and feeling grateful that I do in fact, live in South Florida. And it is in fact warm and sunny most of the time– except when the inevitable rain comes. But I am, especially when looking at these photos from our Carnival cruise, wondering when can I make it back to the islands to feel the beautiful breeze, meet more wonderful people, and eat delicious (mostly Rastafarian) food (but more on the food later!).



I’m not sure how my friend Halle and I came together over the past year or two, but I sure am happy we have. You guys probably know her more as my floral friend, who puts together awesome arrangements and things for me. But besides that, she’s often gone traveling and working on a boat or island away from us— which can be hard for us, because we miss her terribly, but you know, awesome for her! Well, our trip worked out perfectly in that, she happened to be on an island not too far from our first stop, St. Thomas. And for us, obvious huge fans of our friend Halle (she’s the kiddo’s favorite person), this was an amazing way to begin our island experience on our trip.

After our first two days at sea (see our first girls trip at sea post here), we were relaxed and excited to experience St. Thomas. With the exception of St. Thomas, I had visited every island on our itinerary prior to this trip, so we really had little idea what to expect. Laura and I were both very pleasantly surprised to pull out to a mountainous (or are they considered hills in St. Thomas? I should Google that…. maybe hills?) lush view. And were happy to be greeted by Halle after disembarking from our ship.
We spent our entire day in the sunshine in St. Thomas. First we took a taxi to Magens Bay. Super helpful tip: if you ever visit— take a long walk left from where the taxi drops you off. That’s where the real peaceful experience is. Unless of course you’re looking for a party, in which case stay right there— you’ll find music, tropical drinks, and people celebrating vacation life 😉  On the way back to port, we missed the lunch spot we intended to try, but found another delicious spot a few blocks away from the main touristy, shopping streets. And I was congratulated upon arrival, being told not many venture out that far. I laughed of course, and we happily filled our bellies with some of our favorite meals from home. #riceandbeansforever. We then walked around a bit and just enjoyed our time together, knowing we wouldn’t see Halle for at least a few more weeks.


I enjoyed St. Thomas most for the fact that Halle was there. Without Halle, without a doubt, hands down, Antigua was my favorite— which I knew it would be. My first cruise experience was with my dad and brother when I was a little girl and the stop I remember most was Antigua. I remember my dad being so excited to show me the volcano. I remember him bartering with locals about a tea set I wanted. I just remember the people— so vividly. I was excited to take Marlowe back here with me to experience the island as well. Within hours of leaving Antigua, I was searching and planning for my hopeful return.
We had a helicopter ride planned for the day. I’ve already discussed my huge fear of flying multiple times (love water travel, hate air travel— but I of course do it anyway). I was nervous, but planned to join the helicopter trip. Even with my huge fear, I’m a “live now, you only have one chance” sort of person with most things, and I knew it would be tremendously beautiful, so I voted yes. Marlowe however, panicked a bit and didn’t want to go through with it. Admittedly, I was a bit relieved. And happy to watch Laura and Katie take off– while Marlowe and I got to sit back in the shady breeze.

I was excited to see how Laura and Katie would return— Katie isn’t the best flyer either— but both lady friends were excited and could not stop talking about the stunning views. I’m going to promise to one day be brave enough to do it 😉


Next, we took a ride out to a ‘veggie shack’ for lunch. I had researched just about every restaurant option, on every island, prior to the trip (like I always, always do)— but the owners of the place I’d picked were on vacation, so we were bummed to find it closed. Lucky for us, there were many other walkable ‘veggie shacks’ in the area for lunch. We found one, ordered everything, and sat down picnic style to eat. Afterwards we walked back towards the port, did a bit of shopping (Marlowe and I each got a dress), drank from some coconuts, and excitedly found loads of passionfruit and some mango ice cream too. Antigua was awesome. Color everywhere and the nicest people too.


San Juan

So I’ll be completely honest with you. Marlowe and I didn’t get to experience San Juan at all. After almost a week of nonstop adventuring, the four year old was a bit wiped out 😉  We hung back and had a cabin day— filled with room service, a few movies, and me getting a bit of work done, between sunning on the balcony, while Katie and Laura went exploring. They absolutely adored the town. And I absolutely stole these photos from them 🙂


Visiting Nassau only a few years ago (with Laura) we sort of knew exactly what we wanted to do when we stepped off the ship. The first thing we did was look for my bright rainbow wall. We knew the general direction and headed that way. I stopped a few times to ask residents if they knew the exact location, but no one seemed to know what I was talking about. A few more blocks over, I was sad to find our color wall had been painted over to pink. We grabbed coffee, showed M around a bit, popped into some stores, listened to some music and made our way back to the ship. We wanted an easy, no fuss day since it was the last leg of our trip. And since we had been there before, this made it all very easy to accomplish.
ohdeardrea carnival nassau conch cropped.jpegtest
Ideally, I would have liked to visit more places and stay longer in each place— which I guess is part of the reason why people go on multiple cruises! 🙂 Like I mentioned, I’m absolutely adding Antigua to my *must visit again* list. Maybe Puerto Rico too. And ideally, I’d like to make it back to the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas or otherwise) with Halle one day. We were beyond pleased with each place— each felt familiar like home, but a million times better since each port day was another exciting, colorful, and delicious tropical adventure…. that I would like to be experiencing again right now 🙂

*this post was created as part of our collaboration with Carnival. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own. #carnivalpartner


  1. You always have theeeee best shoes! And yes, what I've taken most from this post is that I love your shoes.

  2. These photos are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    I recently read another piece of yours via bloglovin', it was on your nightmare experience with American Airlines. I had a similar experience with another airline (Allegiant) and wanted to write about it on my blog. I was scared to sound like a "first world" complainer, but honestly, what you wrote about everyone deserving respect regardless of unforeseen/uncontrollable circumstances gave me clarity on the subject. Some airlines (or people, really) lack kindness and forget we're all on this journey. Anyway, I think I may just write the post. After reading your post, I realize it's possible to express a tough experience in a humble way so others can learn from it. Thank you.

    New fan,


  3. Oh my! Major heart eyes. Your photos always give me the taste of summer that i crave daily.

    xo, samantha

  4. These are awesome Drea!!! I just can't wait to get down to the Keys!! We are staying in Marathon, but my Dad and I are driving all the way from Ohio! Eeek!! I do at least get to stop in Jacksonville to see one of my very best friends who I haven't seen in like 10 years! Then we're driving to Fort Myers to stay the weekend with my parents friends and meet up with my Stepmom and the Hubby, who luckily get to fly down! Buttholes! lol And from Fort Myers to Marathon. It's going to be a 3 week trip total and I am so excited! Hence the itinerary I just gave you! Lol!

  5. Fantastic photos, it looks like a wonderful holiday. CJ xx

  6. gorgeous picture, make me want to visit other caribbean islands!
    you must come visit us in Turks & Caicos though 🙂

  7. gorgeous picture, make me want to visit other caribbean islands!
    you must come visit us in Turks & Caicos though 🙂

  8. So many beautiful photographs! I'm glad it was a great trip 🙂 So many beautiful colors.

  9. Wow – what amazing pictures! The colours are simply stunning and just pop right out of the computer screen. It sounds like a wonderful trip too.

    I know you said you researched everything before, but how did you find eating vegan while travelling? If you've done a post on this before and I missed, it please link me! But I'd love to hear more.

    Thanks so much!

    xx Kathryn

    • I'm putting up a whole post on it to go up in the next week or two 🙂 I haven't had any issues so far— but I haven't been to france yet 😉

  10. 1. That photo of Marlowe jumping into the ocean? YES.

    2. So. Much. Color. (that's a fantastic thing, ps.)

    3. I have never taken a "real" vacation, nor have I ever been out of the U.S. (not even to Mexico or Canada), but my girlfriend and I are taking a trip to the Bahamas for our anniversary this summer and these photos make me SO EXCITED! My passport appointment is on Monday. I can't [bad word here] wait!

  11. You NEED to go back to Puerto Rico! It's beautiful, full of color and great food! Of course, as a Puerto Rican I'm a little biased! 🙂