I can’t believe I’m just finding this post in my draft box— the holidays seem like forever ago— for-ev-er. I mean, seriously, forgive me for showing you Christmas trees in mid January! But in my defense, look at that tree! That’s impressive, and worth the share, right!? 🙂 And I mean…. I wanted to log down this memory, so tada, christmas into mid-late January 😉

My mom and I took Marlowe to Alex’s work for the first time ever last month. Marlowe had visited his old restaurant quite a few times— because it was an easy place we could just drop in and grab a salad and some french fries together. This new place he’s at (he’s been there a little over a year now), well she hadn’t visited it yet. It was pretty special taking her there, now that she’s a tad older and can happily and quietly sit all the way through dinner. You know, she appreciates it a bit more now. The best part? (Besides the grilled baby artichokes) was when we asked Marlowe’s favorite thing. She said it was when daddy came to said hi, picked her up, and took her to the kitchen with him 🙂

It was a busy night, so we didn’t get to see him long, but I’m glad he got to show off his place and show her off as well. She felt pretty special that night. It’s been nice to watch her grow. We have a newer rule, that as long as she’s in a good mood and a nice girl, that she can stay up late with the grown ups—- sometimes. You know, we need grown up time too! But it’s been pretty cool to be able to pop into a party or restaurant, with this kid by my side with no worries 🙂 It’s really hit me lately how big she’s getting. I’ve never loved the baby stage, but I want these (three and) four year old moments too last a bit longer. I can’t slow her down, so I’m just trying to pack in as many memories as I can, while I can!

We’ve had a busy week of art projects and lots of cooking. I’m trying to re-organize her room a bit this week too. I’d love to completely rearrange it, but it’s a bit on the smaller side and not flowing quite the same since christmas time. (see her pre-christmas room HERE). We have a busy fun weekend ahead of us. And I already have a lot of plans for next week too—birthdays, food making, party prep, and what I think are a lot of good posts– lots of delicious ones and colorful ones!

Happy friday, friends! I hope you all had and have a wonderful week 🙂

ps. my mom is sicky in Massachusetts— so I’m expecting this to put a smile on her face. Hi mom! We miss you, it’s warm here. Come anytime. 


  1. that's an impressive looking place! kind of reminds me of the breakers.
    marlowe seems like the sweetest kid. i hope i get that lucky!

  2. Looks like a gorgeous place, no doubt Marlowe will always remember her visit there, it sounds like such a special treat. It is lovely when children are a bit bigger and can stay up and go out in the evening isn't it, but I know what you mean about treasuring the moments while she is still little. Wishing you all a good weekend Drea. CJ xx

  3. This made my eyes a little watery… maybe it's because i'm just a sappy girl who gets emotional over little things like cards and a few nice words but i don't know…it hit my heart a little… hahaa i know… I'm a weirdo! Anyways, I've been following your blog from the very beginning and as much as i love all the vegan meals, and gardening tips, my favorite thing, with out a doubt, has been watching Marlowe growing up!! I just wanted to thank you for sharing some of these moments and memories that you and Alex have with her… Because it always takes me back to memories and moments i've shared with my mom and dad growing up! Anyways, I love this post and thank you for sharing it! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!! (:

    xx Olivia